Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ward 7

Finally had some time to make a decent caption series. I've had small copies of these Francesca Le pics for a while now, but I finally found larger versions today and just had to make these. A doctor, an escaped patient, and some light bondage. Some of my favorite things...

I've even ended up adding another crazy body mutilator to match the Midnight Surgeon, called the Perverted Piercer. Now all I need is a Skin Artist to handle tattoos, and I'll have my very own Three Stooges of human deformity! :-)

I'd love to have morphed some of these to include more piercings, but I just don't have the time lately. I've been writing a lot for when I start selling ebooks on Amazon (hopefully in few weeks) and it really eats up what little free time I have lately. I've gotten my latest story up to about 4,500 words, which doesn't sound like much I guess, but that can take a few hours to manage. This caption set is about 2,100 words all on its own, by the way.

Anyway, here are 6 captions, after the break as always. Please enjoy and let me know what you all think.

- B-Rex

That was really my original ending, and I think it works well enough. However, I had another pic from this set that I liked, so I went ahead and made this very long epilogue caption. Think of this as a sort of bonus. :-)

Just in case this last caption isn't totally legible, here's the text just by itself:

Orderly Winston Stills sighed as he opened the door to Ward 7 and the smell of sex slammed into him. God how he hated Mondays!

He was still new to the Asylum itself, but he knew the rumors about Ward 7 and it's population of sex freaks. And now they were his problem, all because some stupid little doctor was too lazy to hire a proper stand-in while she went on an island vacation. He jumbled with his keys and started opening random cells, doing a proper head count. It was smelly, tough work and sometimes even dangerous. And while he was busy toiling away here, that stupid doctor was probably sipping martinis in beach-side bar! It just wasn't fair! He didn't even know her, but she was a total pain in the ass!

He opened another cell and got the shock of his life when a naked woman tried to rush him! Fortunately, she was well strapped into a restraint harness. He still jumped back from the woman, as the smell of hundreds of loads of semen wafted from her. She opened her mouth and cried out in total gibberish, “Fankth gohff!! Helfffphmee! Imph Coctorrdeffemy!”

Winston pinched his nose close and slammed the door shut in the crazy's cum-coated face! Sheesh! The things he has to put up with! Grabbing his electronic memo pad, he noted the cell number. Strangely, the cell was listed as being occupied by a male patient. He shrugged and typed into the pad carefully, chuckling to himself. Switching cells, hmm? He'd show the little sex freak a thing or too. “Okay, Cell 71. Check. Patient name? Change to...Ima Cumhole. Ha! Let's see...Treatment schedule? Well, three daily enemas, for one thing. Got to keep the slut clean, after all. What else? The Daily Clitoral Electro-stimulation Treatment Plan? Sure, why not? Double dose of happy pills? Sounds good. What else? Oh hell, I'll just sign the freak up for the daily sex-addiction counseling meeting! Ha! That'll keep the slut out of trouble!”

He tapped the memo again and logged the changes into the Asylum's database. Little Miss Cumhole would be busy for the next few days, at least until Doctor Bethany returned and took over the group counseling meetings again. For now though, Miss Cumhole would just be tossed into the meeting room with the other sex freaks for a few hours every day. The orderlies weren't really qualified to serve as counselors so they just left the maniacs to themselves. The sex freaks weren't really violent, just crazy-horny all the time, so they just spend a few hours blowing off steam with each other. The orderlies figured it was probably pretty therapeutic in its own right.

Winston smiled at the thought of the little jizz-covered patient in Cell 71 spending a few hours every day locked in with a dozen other perverts. “No doubt she'll be in slut-heaven! It's just too bad it will only last until Friday, when Doctor Bethany returns. Oh well, I'd better go find another orderly to administer Miss Cumhole's morning enema! Though, on second thought...hey George! Where do they keep the extra-large glycerin syringes around here? The supply closet? Great, thanks a million!”


  1. Deliciously wicked. It features a delicious form of demotion -- not from doctor to orderly but even worse, from orderly to patient.

    Perhaps Bethany's ultimate fate is to become like poor Dr. Starr in the 1972 film "Asylum" [], her true identity discovered but her mind so far gone from her ordeal that she winds up a patient in the facility where she used to work. . . .

  2. Great caps B-Rex - it reminds me a little of Joe Doe and C. Lakewoods' tales of prison or asylum staff winding up as one of the inmates due to combination of arrogance and bureaucratic incompetence or outright maliciousness. It looks like poor Doctor Bethany will be providing a very different sort of care for her patients for the foreseeable future. :)

    Having just recently watched 'Side Effects' (which I highly recommend, by the way) your set was particularly apropos.

  3. Not quite my particular fetish, but a very good underlying plot theme. :D It's always even better when the target kind of deserves what she gets, and/or it has a nice ironic layer to it.


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