Saturday, March 16, 2013

Laura Krauff and the All-Powerful Djinn (UPDATED 02/2014)

 (UPDATE Feb 2014: This story has been removed, and will shortly be available for sale as a new ebook by Tabitha Kohls, entitled Laura Krauff and the Devious Djinn. It includes two new wishes, and is nearly twice as long.)

Greetings everyone! Sorry that I've been absent for the past week or so, but real-life has been crazily hectic the past few days. Hopefully I can start making more captions now, though.

I started working on this a few weeks ago, but kept having trouble breaking it down into separate captions. Finally, I just decided to write it out as a story instead. I only had a few pics that would fit and I put them in the story after the break.

This is a direct continuation of my previous Laura Krauff series from last November, Laura Krauff and the Amulet of Perverti.

I wouldn't say that you have to read those captions first, but it might make this story more enjoyable. Still, I tried to keep this tale pretty much standalone, but like the previous Laura Krauff entry, this is a rare magic-themed story. I've always loved captions and stories about badly worded wishes and tricky genies twisting wishes against wisher's intentions. Back when I was still making Transgender captions, I focused almost exclusively on that particular theme. Hopefully you will all enjoy this little tale too!

Let me know what you think, and if you would like for me to use more magical elements in some of my future captions/stories. 

- B-Rex

P.S. One of my favorite TG stories is about a Genie being used for revenge. The story was called Chain of Command, and can be found here: Link

Clip from Leera Kroftowitz
"As you wish, mortal."
"You can't wish tha--"


  1. Nice one! I'm partial to a good spiteful genie story myself.

    I was half expecting Laura to end up wishing to have the same powers as the Djinn - and of course having that twisted into her replacing the Djinn and becoming her slave.

    Instead the goddess gets her cum-uppance and Laura is free to pursue further (dirty) adventures. :)

  2. Oh - by the way, nice choice of Kerry Louise as your header image. For fans of the fake bimbo look (with bonus nasty tattoos) she's just about perfect!

  3. Great story. Particularly loved the final line! x

  4. Nicely done! I also checked out your "Chain of Command" story that you linked to. The details of how a lot of thought was put into the programmer's actions/wishes were very well written. Same thing with this djinn story as well, with how the wishes were come up with and then twisted. :D I kind of wish that the breasts on the blonde in the 3rd picture were bigger, but that's a very minor detail.

    To punish her for her previous snotty behavior about proper titles ("Queen of the Djinn" and all that), maybe it would also be fun if Laura ordered Jenni to act very annoyed when Laura or anyone else calls her "Jenni", and insist EVERY time without fail in a very loud voice to always be referred to as "Juggs"/"Ms. Juggs"/"J. Juggs"/"Ass. Juggs"/"Double J" or something else just as humiliating. And to always shake her inflated tits as hard and fast as possible side to side for 5 seconds as well. And then of course Laura would make sure to call her "Jenni" every single day, to enjoy the "angry reprimand" lecture and shake from her assistant, demanding to be treated with "the proper respect".

  5. From goddess to humiliated maid now that's a downfall, loved this post.

  6. I was quite sure that this story would end with an even worse and even more inescapable humiliation than had the last Laura Krauff story, and I was right -- except that the victim was not Laura but her tormentor.

    I have enjoyed the idea of an egg-laying curse for some time, but somehow never imagined a GOLDEN egg-laying curse. Delicious, how Laura's venal wish for gold was turned against her this way.


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