Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bunnz 2

UPDATE: MILKED at the Dairy is available for $2.99 on Amazon: here

As promised, here's a new cap. It's a direct sequel to one of my very first captions, Bunnz. I've been meaning to make a sequel for months, and finally I have. Just the one caption, but its a pretty long one.

Please enjoy, and if there are any of my caps you'd like to see a sequel of, let me know.

- B-Rex

Oh, and I completed my lactation ebook story. 10,000 words, or close anyway! I've posted it on Amazon, but it's still in review for another 12 hours or so. Barnes and Noble keeps giving me fits just setting up my account, so I'm stuck on the kindle for a while still.

I was thinking I wouldn't post any links to my ebooks for a few weeks, to see if sells are effected by the total lack of promotion. But now I want to show you all my new cover, so what the heck. Like I said, the story won't be up for sale for a few hours. I'll add a link to it when it leaves review.

I'd heard that female names sell better, so I'm going as Tabitha Kohls. I was going to try Beatrix Rexford :-) originally, but I kinda like Tabby-Fuck-Holes more.

The original image was in desperate need of "improvement" in the chest area, and I think this worked out pretty well. The shadows were a bit harsh, which was why the stockphoto was so cheap, but I like how the lightening emphasizes the models tits.


  1. Oh, so I see WitSec does go the extra mile to protect those that need it. Teaching tricks of that nature ain't easy, I suppose. ^.^

  2. Congratulations on officially beginning your new venture into story writing B-Rex! Love the cover. I just might buy it. :)

  3. Very nice - the original 'Bunnz' was a favorite of mine, so it's nice to see a follow up. I don't know what she's complaining about - she got a nicer house and a different background, right? ;)

    Here's a thought - if her new background is a former porn star, did she need to film any pornos to provide her some (ahem) deep cover? Hmmm...

  4. so it was in review for 12 hours as of yesterday? or as of today?

    1. It was in review April 10th, it's up for sale now though. I've posted a link to the book's page on Amazon at the top of this post.

  5. A delicious sequel to a well-remembered photo story.

    And I would definitely enjoy learning more about Bunny -- oops! -- Vera's adventures on the Downward Spiral.

    I look forward to reading "Milked at the Dairy", also.

  6. Oh, and as for a post I'd like to see a sequel to, I'd especially like a sequel to "Tina's Pom Poms", probably not a direct sequel but the downfall of another tomboy through similar means -- maybe involving a surreptitious dose of a fertility drug...?

  7. Witness relocation makes for the best caps. This is a wonderfully just fate. Nice and nasty.


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