Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Greetings! Today I've got a two-parter cap series. I started out trying to do a simple mind control tale, but somehow ended up with some odd Wizard of OZ references. Anyway, caps after the break as usual.

On the Ebook front, I've completed two new short stories, each about 6-7,000 words, including a new lactation/forced milking story I wrote last night in its entirety. About 8 hours of typing. I'm still trying to come up with a title I like though.

I'm thinking of turning my cap Swollen Pride into a short story. I've got lots of really mean and nasty bodymods to write about and that caption already has some of my favorite mods involved. I'll have to work in some outright sex acts too, but that shouldn't be hard to justify.

Besides that, I'm also thinking of doing a TG story soon, about a body-swapped boyfriend who is trapped in his girlfriend's body for a month, and spends that time modifying her body and life to get revenge on her when she swaps back.

Anyway, that's about it on the ebook front for the moment. Oh, and if for some reason you don't like Amazon or have a kindle or whatever, I've also been slowly posting my stories to MILKED is available at:

Apparently if you are outside the US, Amazon charges quite a bit in taxes, but you can purchase ebooks from without having to pay the additional costs. Probably depends exactly where you are from, though.

I've finally gotten Barnes&Nobles to work, so I'll have my books up there soon too.

Now, on to the captions! :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Absolutely love this set! Downgrade with a little bimboization in the workplace is always extremely hot! I really hope there's more in the future!

  2. A great couple of captions. Maybe dr ozweld can use dotties feminist credentials to influence further widespread humiliation.

  3. Loved it!!! Bought both your books. Loved the first one.

  4. Wonderful humiliation short B-Rex. As for your "title" issue, let's see...forced public milking, animal rights protesters, and this is likely for a college course...some ideas that pop to mind are:

    "Her Big Moo-vement"
    "A Moo-ving Display"
    "Getting Pumped by the Crowd"
    "Public Udderings"
    "An Udder Activist"
    "Her Communal Chest"
    "Becoming a 'Grade A' Student"
    "The Students Have A Cow"
    "Drained Assets" (maybe better in a business setting)

    If there's a specific aspect/theme of the story you were really hoping to tie the title into (that she's doing this for spoiled-brat reasons, that she's naive, that she's lazy, etc.), let me know and I'll see about "churning" some more of these. :)

    1. You're very good at thinking up titles! I rather like all of those, thank you! :-)

      Right now I'm trying to decide between "Udderly Ridiculous" and "Udderly Exposed". Given the public nature of part of the story, I'll probably go with the latter.

      - B-Rex

  5. Nicely done. I'm not usually into mind control themes but this is one of the types I enjoy - where the victim is trapped in her own body and is completely aware of the humiliations being rained down on her and her new 'bimbo' personality.

    If you haven't already checked it out, 'Business Reversal' by Downing Street is worth a read.

    1. I'm happy you liked it! And funnily enough, I was actually going to mention that 'Business Reversal' inspired the basic premise for these caps, but the end result was so far from what I was expecting, I didn't bother.

      I love Downing Street's mind control stories though, and 'Business Reversal' is actually the origin of my fetish for humiliating name changes.

      - B-Rex

  6. Oh gosh, yes yes yes I like this caption series very much! I'm not really sure why, but I think it has to do with the "brought it on herself" storyline and also the references. It gives the story some nice color, so to speak.

    Also, that second pic... damn, those lips sure are perfect! ^.^

  7. I echo the praise of commenters above for the downfall of an arrogant professional woman, for the "brought it on herself" aspect, and for the clever Oz references.

    Speaking of the latter, I have a powerful urge to read a lot into the difference between the original "Dorothy Gale" and your "Dorothy Gayle": Gayle sounds more like a woman's first name than a surname -- perhaps Dorothy dropped her father's "patriarchal" family name and took her mother's first name? That raises the possibility that poor Dottie is a Lesbian separatist, which would make her current situation all the more horrific (for her) and amusing (for us).

  8. Oh, also: I like "Business Reversal" a lot. Another good one, less well-known, is the cleverly-titled "Intellectual Property" by Boris Ludmenkov. In the spirit of the latter title, how about "Drained Intellect" or simply, "Brain Drain"?
    And while my brain is bent in that direction:
    "The Milk of Human Cruelty"
    "The Cream of the University"
    "Wet Nurse Practitioner"
    "Lactose Intolerable"
    "Lactation Until Graduation"
    "Lactation Or Graduation?"
    "Milking Machinist"
    "Majoring in Dairy Services"
    "Fetching Coffee and Providing Milk" . . . ?

    1. Nice title idea, I especially Wet Nurse PracTITioner! I might have to steal that one, sometime! :-)

      - B-Rex

  9. I have this picture set myself and have been thinking how it would be perfect for all sorts of stories. This one is truly marvelous.


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