Friday, April 12, 2013

Mary's Exam

Hello everyone! Dr. Psycho asked for a sequel to my old caption, Tina's Pom-Poms. So here is the sequel, in two parts. All after the break, as per norm.

On another note, my story MILKED at the Dairy is fully up for sale on Amazon now and as of the time of this writing has sold 8 copies so far! My first ever sales, in erotica at least. I am very surprised at that, as 5 sales per month is apparently the average for a new short story. I can only assume at least some of those sales were from readers here, so I thank you! If you did buy it and read it, please let me know what you thought. I've never really written in the lactation erotica genre before, so I'm interested in how it compares to similar stories.

Also, I actually put another story up several days before the new one, called The Knob Polisher. It is a slight rewrite of my old tale, Spit Shine, which was posted here last year. I've added a few hundred words to the original (which I've had to delete on this blog, as Amazon didn't like it still being available for free) and fixed some of the typos, grammar problems, etc. If you read the original version, you probably won't get much out of the changes. But if you didn't get to read the original, and you like innuendo and public humiliation, you might like it.

The cover isn't very good, I'm afraid; I really wanted to morph in a doorknob over the sucker, but I couldn't find a stock photo of knob from the right angle. And honestly, I was really more interested in figuring out how to post a story and at 4,000 words, it seemed a good story to try out first.

I've written two other tales as well. The first is totally completed except I can't find a stock photo I like for a cover. It can't be nude, but still needs to be relevant to the story. The tale is about a reluctant schoolgirl making her debut in porn, thinking it will be easy money. It features a very vigorous anal fucking by a machine I devised. Also includes a bit of vacuum cup/tit play.

The other story is nearly completed, and is very short. It is in first person, and deals with breeding. To date, it is probably my single dirtiest, raunchiest story. Writing in first person seems to make sex scenes a lot easier to write. I'll have to try that again.

Neither of those two stories is posted yet, but I will get them up soon. Right now I'm averaging close to 3,000 words every day and I have a lot of stories I want to write.

Thanks again to anyone who bought my new story, I greatly appreciate it. Now please enjoy my very free captions, after the break, :-)

- B-Rex

 First came Tina's Pom-Poms and now comes Mary's Exam:

Part 1

Part 2


  1. Karma's a bitch I guess ;-)
    Looking forward to your "single dirtiest, raunchiest story". I'm a fan of your more extreme captions, there are only a few other caption sites who can compete with you.

  2. Whoo! I asked, and I done received! What a delight.

    Fertility drugs in place of birth control pills, always a good one -- and a *bovine* fertility enhancer? A veterinary drug? A nice added humiliation.

    I once did an online RP of a thoroughly humiliating gynecological exam. It included anal probing and embarrassing questions. Tina's mother clearly knows how to make a girl feel violated, if she feels like it.


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