Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time 4 Revenge

Here's my first ever time-stop caption! Sorry for how wide it is, I probably should have cut-off the blond guy's head, but I sort of wanted to show that both men are unconscious.

Also, I'm really sorry about the lack of updates/new ebooks lately. I've got a lot of personal things going on right now, and I've just not really been in the right frame of mind for caps and writing. I have an old dog whose been slowly dying of bone cancer for the past three months, and it's getting worse lately. I've been putting off having him put down, because he isn't really in any major pain, but I know in the back of my mind it'll come to that soon. It's hard to focus on writing or anything much else, while those thoughts keep coming to me.

Anyway, sorry for being a buzz kill. Here's the new caption; it's based on my as-yet-unfinished Halloween Revenge story, though with a time-stop twist rather than the magical prank supplies I was planning on using for the story.

I think this turned out fairly well, aside for being too wide. I've a got a few other pics that might do well for a time-stop caption, so I'll look into making a few more of these. There really doesn't seem to be very much time-stop material out there, but I do find the idea very interesting.

Let me know what you think, and whether you have any cool ideas for further time-stop adventures,

- B-Rex


  1. Sorry about your dog. That's a tough thing to deal with. Enjoyed this caption a lot, have always loved time-stop stuff. Also can't wait for another ebook. I have them all.

  2. That's a real bummer, Rex. :( I don't even know what to say, it sounds really tough and all worse because it's just around the corner... I hope it goes as well as it can go.

    The caption is fun, really caught me by surprise, I guess I wasn't really hyped about the concept of a timestop caption, but this was really well done. I should trust your skill more. ^^

  3. like this theme. lots of mean thing could be done for revenge boob jobs tattoos dressing your boss for that board meeting.
    sorry about your dog I have been through that several times of course when the time comes we know its for the best but never easy

  4. So sorry about your dog. Glad you are acting responsibly. Take good care of yourself and give yourself whatever therapeutic care you need.

  5. so sorry to hear about your dog. having been there before, i understand how you feel i really don't think anyone would blame you for slowing down the caps or taking time off to deal.

    1. Thank you for being understanding. I've been spending most of my nights petting him and keeping him comfortable. Not sure how much longer he has; some days he seems to be doing very well, then he has bad spells.

      We have a nasty cold front blowing in now, and he's been whining all day. I think the cold is making him ache. Poor boy. :-(


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