Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zoey Leaves Her Mark

(NOTE: A quick question for those of you who also run your own blogs: I've been trying to post this since Thursday, but I keep getting an error message when I hit publish. It gives no specifics, but only says "An error has occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again." I've been seeing this a lot for the past several weeks, but lately it has gotten truly annoying! Is anyone else having, or has had, this problem? 

I've already tried clearing my cookies, have used other browsers, updated Firefox, but nothing seems to work. I just need to know if the problem is on my end, or if it is a problem with Blogger itself. Thanks!)

Firstly, I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has sent their well wishes about my dog, and for being understanding about this whole situation. Until things either improve, or reach their likely outcome, my productivity will most likely be severely shortened. Sorry in advance about that, I'll try to keep the caps and books coming as best I can.

Anyway, today's caption is another quick time stop cap, with a bit of body-modification thrown in as well. I hope you all enjoy! :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Ooh, what a marvelous use for time stopping! Defacing your rival and giving your scumbag boyfriend a big scare. Should have taken some pictures, as well, but that's a fun story anyway! ^.^

  2. a great caption
    maybe she could of done some work on mark to, permafill in his cock leaving him at the point of ecstasy
    but unable to climax.

  3. Loving this new theme, hoping that you've got ideas for a few more, crossing it with body mods is a great idea!

  4. What would it feel like to have hours of tattooing and injections take place on your face in what to you is a tiny fraction of a second? I would guess it'd hurt like the dickens. Might even result in involuntary movement of, y'know, the jaw muscles -- so Mark might be doing some of the shrieking himself.

    I really, really like that name "Loki's Stopwatch". Very evocative. Reminds me of the alternate-history story in which Vinlanders refer to the buzz of a rattlesnake as "Loki's Laugh". I hope Loki's Stopwatch turns up in more of your stories.


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