Thursday, December 12, 2013

Recruitment Doll

I started writing these two caps at the same time as my Tessa's Nightmare series, and actually finished the first one. That's why the first cap reuses a picture from the TN set. I hope that doesn't bother anyone.

In any case, I rather like the setup in these, and I can easily imagine numerous directions to continue this in the future. I'll have to look in my picture archive for more Taylor Wane pics, and see if anything sparks my interest. I have a basic idea for the next few caps, I just need the right pic.

On another note, Amazon has decided to kill yet another of my ebooks, this time it's Angela's Last Resort. Ugh. Oddly though, the other two ebooks in the series haven't been culled yet.

So far Amazon has culled three of my books, and all three had the phrase "Forced Orgasms" somewhere in the synopsis. So I think that is what is actually drawing their attention. I've removed the "Forced" and resubmitted the story, so now hopefully it'll fly past their censors and be back for sale in another day or so.


Anyway, moving on from there: I've had some major shifts in my real-life schedule lately, and I'm planning some changes soon. I'll lay the basic idea out tomorrow on the sister blog, Humbled Harlots, along with a brand-new, free short story involving a television game show built around extreme breast expansion. So I'll see you all there tomorrow! :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Poor Audrey.Yet another respectable and self-respecting professional woman finding herself obliged to turn herself into a bimbo..
    Men are such pigs, demanding that women do things like that. Men are such fools to fall for such cheap tricks.
    Damn, but it is fun to fall for them . . . .

  2. Love this one. something tells me her shortcut tactics will only get more hilarious and slutty :)

  3. Very exciting cliffhanger on the end of the 2nd caption! Off the top of my head, it strikes me that although Mr. Cartwright isn't interested in a tax-free home or new vehicles, he might like Audrey to promise some sort of special home-maid service, and maybe some sort of "chauffeur" service that can be a performance incentive for his son when he does well. Not "escort", since it's implied that the son isn't quite a Senior yet (i.e. 18), but something fun (and humiliating) that has the same sort of feel as "Bimbo Date Night".


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