Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Guest Post: Barbie's Pledge Games 1 by Bondage_Barbie_Doll

Merry Humpday, everyone! :-)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been (quite literally) buried under a blizzard since Thursday. Three inches of ice and sleet, and a good foot of snow to top it all off. And more again just yesterday too!

My internet connection has been off-and-on ever since, but on the plus side, all this downtime has finally given me enough free time to finish a new ebook, Another Hospital Nightmare. It originally started out as an extended written version of my Ward 7 caption series, but spiraled into something a bit different.

It's a sort-of sequel to Her Hospital Nightmare, but with totally different characters, a lot of speculum-play, some hair removal and a piercing, and even fiberglass cast bondage too! Full links will be posted at my author blog, Humbled Harlots.

But enough about all that, today I am proud to post a guest caption from a brand new contributor, Bondage_Barbie_Doll. She's been helping me come up with ideas for new caps for a while now, and has finally caught the caption bug herself! :-)

Barbie's a big fan of bimbos and predicament bondage scenarios, and she really enjoyed my whole Pledge War Saga from 2012, especially Peezy. So much so, in fact, that she wants to start her own series of Pledge-themed captions, starring herself in the titular role.

This first caption sets up the fun pledge games to follow. Barbie says she hopes to make more caps soon, when she finds the time.

She and I have discussed several ideas for rigged games the EZ's and GEK's might force Barbie to play, but I'm sure she'd love to hear your own ideas. So if you like this cap, please comment and let her know. (Your comments might just persuade her to make more caps, and sooner too!)

- B-Rex


  1. Love the setup. Can't wait to see all of the things that will be done to her in the upcoming year. I hope you have some wickedly evil plans for her including tattoos, piercings, implants, and lots of huge toys.

  2. I do hope you well post some more Barbie
    maybe a little street walking well bring the money in?

  3. that would be awesome, i liked the idea of her having to do all those degrading things because she's in a chastity belt. the owner of her keys promises her sexual release if she does something degrading and it keeps getting worse and worse for her. keep up the good work i look forward to where this goes.

  4. I like the picture and also the setup except for the point, what is the reason for her to do any of this?
    (A lost bet of someone else, what do I care!)
    And I'm not a fan of any tattoos, piercings and implants.

  5. This is a creative and promising variation on the Prank War scenario but I agree, Barbie needs some motivation of her own -- something on the line that she can't afford to lose, like a scholarship and health insurance for her penniless little (just turned 18) sister.
    The hypothetical Skipper could, of course, wind up helping her big sister. And either Madisynn or Tabitha or both might have to suffer the Dean's forfeits, so it wouldn't have to be just Barbie who suffers.

  6. I did have the motivation in it originally, which basically boils down money, if barbie doesn't graduate she doesn't get her inheritance and her trust fund stops, so goes from being super rich to broke. However I edited it out as I couldn't make it flow and the caption was getting super huge. I will try and get it worked into a later one, as it seems important to people. Dr.Psycho has come up with another interesting idea. Feel free to suggest any others!

  7. First, I just wanted to mention a big "thank you" to Barbie for deciding to make this big attempt at all. This is harder than it seems, I know. As for particular suggestions...

    The mention of "raising money" in this initial caption immediately made me think of carnival games, where you pay per attempt. Things like "kissing booths", "dunk tanks", and popping those balloons on top of the clown heads with water guns. But with twists:

    Kissing Booth - The twist is pretty obvious here. The idea is simply extended into a Blowjob, Tit-fuck, and/or Anal "Cock-kiss Booth". Maybe have a little pun fun with "Caucus" vs. "Cock-kiss".

    Dunk Tank -
    Redesign #1. Barbie is made to wear slutty and/or thin white clothing that the tank of ice-water will emphasize as she's forced to fall into it repeatedly. Also, she's plugged with large vibrating dildos in both holes, and has vibrator rings locked around her clit and nipples, all linked to a central switch box integrated into her dunk chair. When the target is hit, and the chair "unlocks", the switch box turns on all her vibrators as she thrashes around in the water. She has to concentrate through the stimulation in order to pull herself up and re-lock the chair back into position, which turns them back off just as she sits back down. (Of course, there should be something to ensure she won't actually drown, whatever else happens).

  8. (Continued from above...)

    Redesign #2. Barbie has the same vibrator setup mentioned before, but is locked inside a sort of display case designed to look like a life-size Barbie Doll package, with her body locked in a ridiculously slutty pose: holding her big tits straight out in her cupped hands, thrusting her hips, legs splayed, etc. Next to the display case is a big pink arrow sign saying "TRY ME", like you see on actual toy packages in the store, and pointing to targets that activate a few different actions if they're pressed/hit.
    - One target will activate her vibrators for a set time, making her face contort as she struggles to keep her pose, unless she wants to experience some unpleasant extra punishments later.
    - One target causes a random, degrading, pre-written phrase to display in front of her eyes on a small screen, not visible to the audience. She's required to speak it out loud, in a ditzy, slutty voice, into a microphone attached to speakers on her display case.
    - One target causes a random track of stripper music to begin playing, which she must perform the correct corresponding dance movements to. One may require her to turn around and bounce her ass in perfect time with the beat for 30 seconds, for another she must push her tits up and down against the case front, for another she must rock her hips forward and rub her fingers in her slit, etc. Again, extra punishment awaits if she doesn't follow the beat properly, or gets her dances mixed up.
    - Each target can't be triggered again until it's "effect" times out, but things can still get even trickier for her when participants manage to trigger others before the current one ends.

    Water Balloon Clowns - This revisal requires Barbie to have some fellow girls trapped in the game with her. Inflating implants certainly occurred to me, but I needed to revise the game in a way that's repeatable, with a clear finish point. Rather than spraying water from pistols against pressure triggers in plastic clown mouths to get gas flowing into balloons until one of them pops, the pressure triggers each activate vibrators for a corresponding girl, on display just above it. The triggers could be inside mockups of the girl's heads with their mouth in a cocksucker pucker, or of each of their cunts/asses gaping open. The winner is whoever's girl cums first, and to make sure that the girl's keep giving their full cooperation during round after (increasingly exhausting) round, all of the losing girls either receive a punishment before the next round starts, or accumulate demerit points that will be resolved in more formal punishments and tasks after the event is done.

    I'll let you know if I come up with other things later.

  9. 1) The campus TV station was shut down several years ago due to lack of funding. Now, it is reopened as a pay-cable channel which shows porn all night but which also has a special nightly "call-in" show on which Barbie must comply with whatever depraved requests callers make.
    2) Barbie is given a "special" version of a cheerleader uniform or of the school mascot costume, to entertain wealthy alumni while they watch the football team from their exclusive skybox.
    3) A scientist is collecting semen specimens for a research project, preferably from as many donors as possible. Barbie's assistance ensures there are plenty of donors lined up every day.
    4) An elderly professor is retiring, and the school wants to give him a very special last week on campus, so Barbie is made his "slave" and must accompany him wherever he goes.

  10. Just wanted to say thanks to Meisa and Dr. Psycho for their ideas, and Meisa for their lovely comments. Love all the ideas, though think I might struggle to find suitable pics for Meisa's Ideas I was thinking about some sort of beginning of year carnival game (do you guys in America have freshers weeks like we do over here in the UK? with lots of events and party's and things in the first week?). Hope to get another caption or 2 done ASAP, just a little busy in real life just now



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