Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Goes Around, Cummz Around

Here's another quick cap, using a picture I originally planned on using during the Prank War, but never found a chance to work it in. This would have been either; GEK-girl Tabitha Kohls displaying her huge, lactating jugs for milking as part of her community service; or the Mayor, after losing her re-election campaign, stuck displaying her dancing tits in a rap-music store in downtown Beaverhole. I tried to keep true to my original ideas with this caption.

Speaking of Tabitha Kohls, I'm finally nearly finished with a new ebook. I'm still deciding on the title, but it is basically a sequel to Her Hospital Nightmare, my best selling story to date. It features totally new characters, and has nothing to do with a snake bite, but has a lot of forced medical play and it takes place inside a hospital, so it really fits as a general, standalone sequel. It will also incorporate some long-term cast bondage and some other fun medical play ideas I've been thinking about lately.

I hope you all have a Happy Humpday, and enjoy the new cap. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. And so another poor dear walks right into a trap she set herself....

  2. I am always up for a quickie. A great fun caption

  3. So it's a bookstore too, eh? :) It's true that her vandalism didn't extend to the literature, but all the same she'd better hope the owners are merciful enough to let her job description stay as it is now. Once they do a little more experimentation and figure out which toys are the hardest for her to endure, it would be interesting to try securing books or a loaded Kindle in front of her eyes and make her read some stories out loud into a mic, linked to speakers all around the store. As she fights to concentrate, the toys would at least continue to make her breathing deep and shaky, sounding to the whole store like whatever selection has been put in front of her is the most erotic thing she's ever heard, no matter how "degrading" to women she secretly finds the tale to be. And visually on her stand, she'll be constantly trembling and heaving/shaking her implants, making for a more memorable demonstration of the store's latest sex toys. But she'd better fight the urge to cum as much as possible, because I would imagine the owners want their employee "working" and not wasting lots of time regaining her proper pose and stopping for extended pauses right in the middle of a tale. For each time their lazy worker "loses her focus", there should be demerit punishments waiting for her at the end of the workday, as a little incentive program...


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