Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guest Cap: The Prima Stripperina by Pzkwg

Apologies for my absence, everyone. Besides dealing with house guests this past week, my computer is really on the ropes as well. I'm going to have to replace it soon, I'm afraid.

Anyway, a few days ago I was sent an email from Pzkwg, with a nice captioned image text, though no picture to go with it. With Pzkwg's permission, I've rewritten the text. I'd originally planned to simply fix some grammar issues, but the end result is a rather longer, and somewhat different caption than the original text.

As it is, it is just too long to work as a caption. So instead I'm going to post it all after the break, along with a somewhat appropriate picture (I have far too few ballerina or stripper pictures in my archives, it turns out), as well as Pzkwg's original text. This way you can see both my altered version, and the original caption itself.

This is a ballerina-to-stripper tale, in case the title wasn't obvious enough. :-)

- B-Rex

"Yeah, yeah, I've heard that sob story before, babe. Show me your tits, and we'll talk about putting your tight little ass to work." Trina hated the very idea of undressing before the sleazy club owner, but knew she had no choice. As she slid her plump, natural breasts free, the man said, "Okay, fine, you've got the job. Now let's discuss the details."

Trina had always wanted to be a ballerina; throughout her childhood, she ignored her education, focusing entirely on her goal to become the perfect ballerina. Everything was going great, until she hit puberty. Seemingly overnight, her young body grew and bulked up, rapidly gaining height and weight. It was a disaster! Dieting wasn't enough; within the year, she had lost her spot as prima, and seemed certain to see her dream die entirely.

As time went by, she became increasingly bitter about her situation, and jealous of the young, underdeveloped girls in her daily classes. Soon enough she had earned a reputation as a bitch, and everyone came to despise her.

Things only got worse when her parents died in a car wreck. With no one left to talk sense into her, Trina used her meager inheritance on more and more outlandish surgeries. Her stomach was stapled to help keep her weight down; her floating ribs were removed, along with her appendix and several feet of intestine; she even received liposuction surgery, all to give her a slimmer waist line and keep her from gaining more weight.

At first, her extreme efforts seemed to work, as she regained her spot as prima ballerina. But within months, her reduced stomach capacity and shortened intestinal track led to a severe protein deficiency. Her muscles became weak, while her tendons grew brittle, until one day, during a show, she collapsed, having snapped her Achilles'! The doctors said she needed at least a year of rehabilitation just to start walking again, and probably another two or three to regain enough strength for dancing.

Desperate, Trina spent every last penny to her name, but eventually found a surgeon who agreed to help her. Instead of rehabilitation, he would implant metal tendon in both her legs. When she had healed from the experimental procedure, she found she could wear nothing but the very highest of heels. And the procedure was incredibly expensive, leaving her with a huge debt. But it was all worth it, because now she could dance again.

Unfortunately, her new tendons did nothing to fix her protein deficiency, nor improve her bitchy attitude. With no money to afford her proscribed daily protein supplements, and with her rotten nature, she found no one was willing to take her own as even an aid, let alone a prima ballerina.

Desperate for money to afford her protein, and pay off her surgery fees, Trina went looking for a job. With no real education and no marketable skills besides dancing, she really had only one choice: stripping!

She had long hated strippers, and in the past had openly berated ex-ballerinas who had gone down that career path. So it was a huge blow to her ego when she found herself entering the City's number one strip joint, dressed in her best dress. The owner immediately forced her to audition on the club's stage.
When she had finished her third rendition, the owner stopped her show, and said, "Well, babe, I admit, you've got some nice moves. But they're not nearly dirty enough, and your tits are way too small. I'll tell ya what, though; if'n you agree to get your tits done up nice and big for me, I'll hire ya and pay off both your surgeries, da boobs and those fancy tendons of yours. And some of the other dancers can teach ya how to really ride that pole, nice and nasty."

He shoved a ten year contract into her grateful hands, which she quickly signed, too ignorant of stripping to realize the agreed-for pay scale was bottom-of-the-barrel. The owner just smiled, greedily, and eyed her soon-to-be-huge breasts.

"B-But, what about my daily protein supplements?" Trina suddenly thought to ask. "I-I need at least three ounces of pure protein a day!"

The owner laughed, and began to unzip his pants. "I'm sure we can work something out, babe."

And Pzkwg's Original Text:

"That's enough. Take off your closet." She hated this idea and especially her slutty outfit, but she had no choice and she did as he said. "Fine, you have this job, let's talk about details."

She always wanted to be a ballerina and she did her best. She didn't care about education, her only goal was ballet. But sexual maturation wasn't easy for her. She started to grow and bulk up, but diets, lipo couldn't do anything, and she lost her name of prima. She became a bitch, and everyone disliked her. Shortly her parents, the only people who could stop her, died. And she decided to remove her stomach, appendix for a slimmer waist and even to reduce her breast. She spent a lot of money for it because it's illegal for a teenager. It worked and she became a prima, but not for long. Deficiency of vitamins made her bones and cords weaker and she broke her leg tendons. Doctors said she needs a year to start walking and another one to made them strong enough for sport. It was a big waste of time and she found a surgeon, who agreed to implant her a metal tendon. Her second leg was close to break and she liked symmetry so surgeon did two legs. It wasn't cheap, she couldn't wear nothing but highest heels, but it took just 2-3 weeks and she wasn't late for her screen test, her only goal in her life. She got an injection of vitamin every weeks from now on. But nothing could help with her bitchy nature. Endless diets, traumas and pains of her operations, unability to eat nothing but vegetables( she became allergic to milk food because she ate it to much) and wear nothing but highest heels, loos of parents and friends, and of course rumors about her surgeries, weight and so on. She freaked out and lost her job, when she got a trauma. She was famous as a hysteric, and no one wanted to work with her in spite of her gift. With no money and education her only way was stripping. She despised strippers and especially ex-ballerinas who decided this way. She asked some of her ex-colleagues and they said her about one club. But they just wanted to revenge, because she derided them. She didn't know anything about stripping and they used it.

She came by day in club, there was only the best stripper and her new employer. She did her best on the stage and it was great, but she didn't know it. "I need 10 grand for operation to fix my trauma, can you give advance money.""I like the way you move but it's not enough dirty and your tits are too small. I'll pay for this operation, and another one - boobs. And you'll sign a 10 years contract. As i see you almost don't eat, you already have enough shoes, so you can live on 500 in month during first year and then you'll have 2000. I've heard about your weight problems, waist measure every week." She knew nobody'll give her 10 grand, which she deadly needed. He, obviously, knew her situation, and wanted to fully used her." It's a good deal, but i need injections every week.""What are they made of?""Protein, calcium, starches...""Can you get it from liquid food? Yeah. Stand on your knees, - he said unzipping his pants - so i can manage to give it to you even everyday."


  1. Not quite the leading role she imagined but I'm she'll be popular with her customers (and her boss). Nice cap!

  2. I love it -- in both versions, really. Pzkwg, are you by any chance not a native speaker of English? In any event, a deliciously wicked sort of downfall.


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