Friday, February 28, 2014


A new cap, at long last! :-)

This caption is a very abbreviated version of an old age-regression story idea of mine, involving a woman being slowly manipulated into becoming a young schoolgirl by her evil mother-in-law.

- B-Rex


  1. Awesome, I'd love to see a full story of this. :D

  2. Very nice, either as a stand-alone cap, or as Chapter One.

  3. Sounds like a great start to a series. So many great ways this could go.

  4. Cute picture and fun story. I do enjoy your ageplay stuff and this was a nice story which can serve as a teasing stand-alone or the start of something. Good use of short woollen skirt in the writings.

  5. This one was good, but I would have moved most of the setup info to earlier in the story so you got a better payoff at the end.

  6. Right now I'm imagining Lauren sitting at her desk in an equally too-small student uniform bra that accomplishes little more than pulling her chest bags up and together without really covering her nipples, and an equally too-small woolen vest that is physically impossible to button up fully (a detail which Angelica suddenly DOES make an exception for). The vest and bra not only combine their effect into an even more indecent appearance for her than working separately, the bra also ensures her nipples are kept pushed forward securely into their new woolen "home" without relief.

    And of course, Angelica will insist on keeping the air conditioning at its maximum setting within the office room, the only exception being the winter months. You don't want students in their full-covering woolen uniforms sweating or fainting. And, Lauren will have a special, ergonomic chair at her desk. With a clean, professional...metallic construction. With proper discipline measures, surely Lauren's T&A can just learn to "think warm" before too long.


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