Friday, February 14, 2014

Tutor Troubles

I found this cap lying around on my computer hard drive, unfinished. I've got tons of partially-finished captions like this floating around, some with pics and a lot without.  I couldn't remember which picture I had planned to use with this text, but I found something suitable after a bit of a re-write.

So you can call this one a bit of a Valentine's Day bonus cap - albeit a tad late.

I've got a very long document on my computer, where I put all my raw caption texts before I paste the final edit into GIMP/MSpaint and add the caption to the image itself. I've been adding to it since the original Midnight Surgeon cap, and now it is over 120 pages long. By now there are tons of partially-written caps or random edits just lying about all over the place. I've found it a useful resource for inspiring new captions and story ideas.

Altogether there are probably a dozen more nearly-finished caps like the one above, and lots of could-have-been versions of stuff I have posted here in the past. I think I might add a few more of these 'Bonus' captions here in the near future.

Hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day, 

- B-Rex


  1. another amazing cap, i'd like a crack at your could-have-been and nearly finished caps.

  2. This was a really fun one. Love the forced degrading "assignments"/"classes" line of ideas. It's a little ambiguous to me what the essay contained, but it's still a great detail. I wonder if Randy will make her read the next one to him out loud, while he controls a remote vibrator that's secured onto her. :)

  3. I know your problem of unfinished captions. I have a document of comparable length. Even longer, because most of my published caps are still also in there...


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