Thursday, April 17, 2014

Caption Contest Submissions

Well, I ended up with 11 captions submitted for the contest, much better than I had dared hope for, so I count this contest as a success already. :-)

As explained in the first contest post a few weeks ago, I will set up a poll and let you all vote for your favorite caption and your second favorite. I will then pick a personal favorite from the remainder, for three winning captions in total. I'll set the poll to last for one full week, to give you all time to place your votes.

The winning captions' creator(s) will each get a caption from me, made to their specifics. But we'll wait to iron out the details until the poll has ended and the winner's have been selected.

First we have three standalone caps by Skullovitch:

BIG Sis by Skullovitch

Maid For Life by Skullovitch

You'll See by Skullovitch

And two standalone caps by Dr. Psycho:

BJ Mouth Mod by Dr Psycho

Black Canary by Dr Psycho

 A cap by Realfield:

Expanding the Bottom Line by Realfield
 A two-part series by Vedrina:

Part 1 by Vedrina
Part 2 by Vedrina

A caption from Ian G:

Caption 1 by Ian G

And finally, two standalone caps by Meisa:

The Bitch's Back by Meisa

Quite Au Pair by Meisa

As you can see, a few of the contest pics have proven more popular than others, while three weren't captioned at all. Still, I'm very happy with the results of the contest, and the quality and number of submissions. I hope you all enjoy them, and don't forget to vote once I get the poll up and running.

And don't forget to comment, and let the captioneers know how you feel about their submissions. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Gee, now I want to go back and come up with captions for the neglected pics....

  2. Wow, there's some really great captions! I'm a huge comic nut so Dr. Psycho's "Black Canary" cap really stood out to me in particular :) Either way though, everyone did a fantastic job.

    1. Why not drop by or for more superhero captions?

    2. Groovy, thanks for the heads up! I'll check them out

  3. A great set, they are all good captions thanks to all who entered. I agree with Dr psycho I want to do some more. Well I have made my vote.(no did not vote for myself)

  4. Have to agree, all are very good. My favorites were Vedrina's caps, though. The cruelty reminded me of the older captions on this blog. But wouldn't mind seeing more contest in the future, it's funny to read all this different styles.

  5. "You'll see" by Skullovitch, you need your own caption blog.. if you don't have one already.

    1. Thanks! Might just give it a try sometime

    2. After thinking it over for a bit, decided to finally set up a blog. If anyone is interested, you can find my captions at

    3. Congrats on starting your own blog, Skullovitch! :-) I'm unfortunately far, far away from my computer right now (this reply is from my phone), but as soon as I get back home, I'll add your new blog to my bloglist on the left side. Good luck, and happy capping!

      - B-Rex

    4. Thanks, that is appreciated!

  6. I have to speak up for my favorite caption here, too. It's definitely Meisa's Quite Au Pair.
    On one hand, because it's all consensual, no force. Because it's believable, completely realistic, without magic. And because it's hilariously funny to imagine being joyfully greeted by a pair of big hooters every day.

    Thank you, Meisa. I'd love to read more captions like this one.


    1. I appreciate the shout-out very much KS, thank you. :D Both of my captions were originally longer.

      "The Bitch's Back" originally had more punishing attributes about the chair. David took a little bit off one of the legs to make it wobbly, and its placement was over a tile floor. As torturous as the chair is to sit in after a spanking, she has to keep still. If she squirms around, David can clearly hear the legs "clacking", even if he's in another room doing something else, and that earns even more punishments. There were also details about how David carefully gave her enough help to avoid prison, but she still ended up losing her job, savings, and home, making her completely dependent on him. After the cuts though, I still felt satisfied in the end with how much of the basic feel it still retained.

      "Quite Au Pair" started out as a rather different tale than it is now, involving a reality show called "Maid To Order". Abby was still a completely willing participant, overjoyed with her changes at the end, but supplying all of the background details about how the show worked along with other past/present participants became WAY too long for a caption. There was enough text to need at least 3 images, but its main problem was that it didn't get to any modification until just after the mid-point. I started to write the original framework out here, but then decided to save it for refining into a future short-story, or at least for ideas on giving this current caption a Part 2.

      I'm happy that you enjoyed it so much, and to see these both get as many combined votes as they did. I love the surprise, and often ironic, ending notes that B-Rex works into so many of his creations, and I knew I wanted to copy that style as best I could for my own submissions.


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