Friday, June 27, 2014

Rachel's New Grill 2

Ugh, I had nearly finished morphing a nice version of this picture yesterday, when suddenly the power went out and I lost all of it. :-( My own fault for not saving sooner, I guess.

Anyway, this version is less trashy/ridiculous than I was originally planning, but I think it works well enough for the cap. [I also tried to darken the skin tone a bit more, but that never quite looked right; so just try to pretend the skin is darker, okay? :-) ]

I've got plans to continue this series for at least a few more installment; longer if there's still interest. Please let me know what you think. :-)

- B-Rex

PS. Since I ended up spending so long making this morph, I thought I might show off the original pics in process.  After the break...

Original Image

Again, I wanted to do all the teeth in gold originally, but having lost the first attempt, I just didn't feel like spending another 6 hours tediously cloning metallic gold to each tooth.

Final Morph

The bottom set didn't turn out as well this time around as they did in the original morph, but I am pretty happy with the top incisors.

Originally I had little dollar signs on the top teeth, as well as several more gemstones. But perhaps simpler is better in the end. :-D


  1. Wow. Every tooth was coated before in the first one? That looks like an immense effort for just one caption. Thanks for sharing the "before" version, it really illuminates how much time you put into some of these.

    Very sorry to hear that you lost all those hours, but I'm glad that this series has captured your fancy that much.

    1. Thanks, Meisa! :-) At least this little incident means I need to spend less time morphing any future pics. I just need to add a few gold bits, and call it enough. Though I might add some more little additions to Rachel's looks.... tattoos, piercings, perhaps.....

      - B-Rex

  2. Daaaayum, flashing lights? If they're colored I suspect things didn't even start getting bad, hahaha! Just the way I love it!

    I feel so mean some days. ^.^

    Also, gah, I'm so sorry that you lost your work because I would love to see that mouth get even more ridiculous. The more ridiculous the better, I always say. ^.^ But alas, 6 hours of work is bad enough once. Still a glorious predicament for our good Rachel, yep yep.

  3. Definitely a shame about your lost work -- remember that you can save multiple versions, so you can go back.
    I don't suppose your photomanip software has an "autosave" function, saving an alternate version the way my word processor does?
    Anyway, the pic is lovely the way it is, and I look forward to what comes next. There's no day so bad but blinking lights in your rearview mirror can make it worse. If it isn't the police (as I presume it is), it's saucermen or the fairies. In any of those cases, you're in trouble.
    Oh, or it could mean you failed to notice a flashing warning sign, and you are already deep in a place you don't want to be.

  4. Hello,
    Although i enjoy like your captions, i can't help thinking about the offensive nature of race change captions. Im sure you as an individual are not racist, but I'm sure you can also see where I'm coming from when i say it's not politically correct to talk about certain differences between race. Please keep this in mind. Hoping to read many more captions,

    1. While I understand where you're coming from, it is probably worth pointing out that the "offensive nature" of race change captions is essentially the same as the inherently sexist/misogynistic nature of most Transgender captions, or the largely racist nature of virtually all cuckold captions. And that's not even getting into the rape-fantasy nature of most every caption or erotic story out there.

      In the end, it is important to remember that it is not the "intention" of these caps to lend support to sexism/racism/misogynism, but to simply put people into situations that might be embarrassing or humiliating to them. That's the chief titillating factor of all my captions and stories; humiliation.

      Everything else is just window dressing. Rachel (in this cap series) is a woman who looks down on certain people. To become one of them, or even worse, a stereotype of them, is deeply humiliating to her. It's no different than turning a cheerleader into a goth, a man-hating lesbian into a cock-sucking whore, a nerd into a total bimbo, or chauvinistic man into a big-boobed woman.

      The key factor is the inherent humiliation the main character feels at his/her situation. Political correctness has no part in this; I'm sure there are plenty of feminists who would object to the very concept of bimbofication, and I'm sure there are plenty of TG's who might find many gender-change captions deeply offensive and insensitive.

      In my personal opinion, however, an erotic captioned image blog is not the appropriate place for such sensibilities. I'd rather not have to limit myself by worrying about offending people's views, and the like; it's hard enough just thinking up fun ideas to write about without bringing politics into things. I know I have some ideas for future caps that would certainly not count as being "politically correct" to anyone, and I fully plan to go forward with them when the muse takes me.

      Thanks for your comment Rob, and I hope this didn't come off as harsher than I intended.

      - B-Rex

    2. *Insert slow clap here* Very well said B-Rex, and a great follow up caption to boot!


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