Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Happy Humpday!

Here's another very quick, very simple caption/morph.

I know it's nothing fancy, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Always a pleasure to see a new and creative lip injection caption :)

  2. Cock-sucking savant? I'm not very sure, the way she was cursed at and whatnot. Too eager, maybe. :P

    But hey, good for Gillian, to find a new passion in life. She'll just have to decide whether she prefers to reapply her lipstick properly all the time or just getting some permanent ink over those luscious cum-crazed lips! ^.^

  3. Mmmmm, what a delicious fate for poor Gillian. Another useless trophy wife turned into a useful public asset -- we can always use more cocksuckers.
    It's clear that the cure for Gillian's overpowering craving for semen, which causes her to suck a man until he is sore, is for there to be one or more fresh cocks within reach when one becomes exhausted. She needs to arrange a nice train of men to satisfy her desires.
    Yes, a lovely little story -- but it needs another name. "Suckvant", ick....

    1. I agree on the bad name thing; I originally was going for "A Sucker is Born Every Minute" but forgot it by the time I was ready to post the cap, and just slapped Suckvant on. I don't spend much time on titles generally anyway, but yeah.... ;-)

      - B-Rex


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