Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rachel's New Grill

Happy Humpday!! :-)

Here's a quick continuation to my earlier race-change cap, Riffraffed. I'm working on finding the right pics for a followup, maybe for Friday or so. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this; I'm a huge fan of dental-type body mods, but can never seem to find any in stories or caps. Hopefully I'm not alone in liking them, however. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Oh yeah! I like dental changes too, although haven't really dabbled with it aside from one cap where an adult schoolgirl was forced to get braces. With your photoshop skills, I hope to see this grill real soon in a part 3 :D

  2. Oh ma gahd, now I just can't wait to see the sequel to this because this story is taking a sharp turn to a glorious humiliation! ^.^

    Also, dental mods: that's a novel idea in caps, yep. If you enjoy them, I'm all for having more of them in your caps. Can only mean good things to come! ^.^

  3. Dental mods open up amazing new prospects: vampire fangs, crooked "hillbilly" teeth, and of course the one erotic dental mod I've actually heard of before: removing the incisors to permit "gum jobs"....

  4. awesome work! i'm looking forward to this series continuing!


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