Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Believe Me

This started off as a short mind-control story I was going to post on Humbled Harlots, but never finished. It is loosely inspired by 'Simon Says' by Downing Street and the 'Wishbone' series by The Sympathetic Devil.

I happened to find a few pictures that fit the tale very closely, so have decided to use the text as a new caption series. I've had trouble finding more pics from the set these two originally came from, but last night KS_1985 managed to find the rest of the set for me, so now I can work on making the rest of the series. Probably another three or four caps, I'm guessing.

This is more a setup, than anything else, but I think the rest of the series should be pretty hot. I'm not sure what direction to take things, and the pictures will obviously shape the story here on out. But I have a few fun ideas I think you'll all enjoy. (Like maybe some forced lesbianism) :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Ooh, phrase-based mind control! Reminds me of BioShock... ^.^

  2. I wonder how he set her up with that post-hypnotic trigger phrase...?
    Regardless, he is clearly good at this, and poor Barbie is in for a busy night.

  3. grin, wish it was me in these caps, do so love hypnosis! and great name for the character btw..... :D


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