Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mercedes Massage

(Note: I was planning on waiting to post this until KS got back with me, and let me know if he had a problem with me using some of his work. But I'm going to be busy all weekend, and won't a have another chance to post this sooner.)

KS_1985 posted a very fun caption/morph at his blog the other day, called Chairing Cynthia. It really hit a chord with me, and set my muse running wild. It's inspired me to make my own chairgirl morph, and caption, which I'm posting here after the break.

KS has also sent me a morph of his own, as an alternative to my Bail Jumper caption, which I'm posting below as well.

I spent a lot of time trying to morph my model, Barbie Brilliant, to mold to a chair. But the results never worked very well. Instead, I've just copied the seat portion of one of KS's wonderful chairgirl morphs. It still took me about four hours to removed the model's limbs, and carefully build a bottom to her corset and add her remotes and their shadow effects. It might not seem like much, but it was a painstaking process, especially to keep her hair mostly intact.

Captions and morph pics all after the break. I hope you all enjoy these, and please visit KS's blog to see his wonderfully inspiring caption too. :-)

- B-Rex

Finished Caption: Mercedes Massage
The finished caption, with a few final touches.

The Original Model Pic
Barbie's original photo; not that most of her corset is covered by her leg, and that her arm and chair block much of the background.

Morph Large Version
The finished morph, sans the remotes which I added after writing the caption text. Note that I expanded her hair, and created a bottom for her corset, built from the tiny piece just under her cleavage. I had to copy that little section, and clone it over and over to get a lower border of the corset.

KS_1985's Morph of Bail Jumper Cap 2
And finally, KS's wonderful morphed version of Hilary Honkers. I love her lips, and how fake and huge he made her tits. :-) KS's tit morphs always have this wonderful balloon-like quality; they always look on the verge of popping!

I tried enlarging Mercedes' jugs a bit, even had a version with one breast much larger than the other, but ultimately I've opted to keep them the original size, which is hardly small.

This is the first time I've really played around with morphing pics in a while, and I'm a bit rusty. But I have a few other fun ideas I might try out in the near future. Particularly a fun little idea that might fit in this same twisted universe.

- B-Rex


  1. Amputation doesn't appeal to me, but humiliation and demotion certainly do.
    Good job on the morph. I look forward to your next.

  2. The Bail Jumper morph is excellent KS. Thanks for gifting this extra effort to the rest of us.

    And thanks to you too B-Rex, for the extended effort on creating just the right picture to go with this cap. Loving the tit-objectification, as I always do. :D


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