Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Today's captions were inspired by a fun little transgender story I read ages ago, and now can't find anywhere. I think it was called Barbie, or something generic like that.

I also have two caps finished for a mind-control series, but I'm still looking for more pics to finish it off. I might post what I have in another day or two, and see if anyone knows where I can find more pics of the same series.

Until then, enjoy these rare transgender caps,

- B-Rex


  1. I think the story might have been titled Chrissie. If so, it's available on Fictionmania by the author Toxis. Love your work Rex.

  2. A tech-savvy girlfriend with a grudge to settle? Ooooh, his life is gonna be fucked from the inside, I tell ya. XD

  3. To follow up anonymous - if it;s the right one, it's any TOXIS and was renamed, 'Apre moi le deluge aka Chrissie'. Always wished the ending was a little more expanded. I would have loved to hear more about how Chrissie was further transformed into the perfect girl Friday!

    Love the caption, btw - the use of the phone really appeals to my fantasies of control loss. The idea that the new 'boyfriend' is getting convinced that his date is an easy bimbo! Wonderful stuff!

    And speaking of bimbos.... without meaning to be a pain, any development on your own 'Chief Executive Bimbo' tale?

  4. I don't generally like TG stories, but I really, really liked "Chrissie", and this is at least an interesting variation on it.


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