Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Still working on my superheroine caps, so here's a lip expansion caption to tide you all over. I'm going to try to keep up a cap a day for as long as I can, until my muse gives out again.

Also, I'm feeling a lot better today (no coughing or sneezing, finally). Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Oh, yes! I really like this one. Humiliation scenes where the woman is completely aware, and able to technically "respond", but controlled from at least the shoulders downward is a theme I was hoping you'd try exploring eventually. I'm glad to hear that you're finally up on your feet again too.

  2. Oooh, wicked good.
    Clearly, he's getting a real kick out of making her modify herself. If he can make nanobots to control her motor functions, it would be much simpler to alter her lips, tongue, &c. She could even wake up transformed and be completely surprised.
    But no, he wants to really rub her nose in it, so he takes over her body and forces her to do the mods herself.
    Wicked good.

  3. Words cannot describe how much I love everything about this caption. Also glad to hear your feeling better

  4. 2nd attempt commenting on this caption that I love. :):):)

    Well I love all of your lip enhancing captions, and the ones where the characters are not in control of themselves are always so hot... And then the tongue studs added at the end, sooooo H.O.T.T. HOTT!!! ^^

    My original comment was much more well written than this one, (wow that feels like really bad grammar) :-s But I loved the way at the end you just added the part about Her consuming the nano-infected coffee and rounding the whole caption together answering all the questions I had... :D:D:D

    Thank you again B-Rex for your help with my own captions.

    Pink & Fluffiness

    K@t ^^


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