Saturday, September 27, 2014

Guess Who!

Here's a super-short cap for Saturday, inspired from a YIM chat session this morning.

I've been working on some sorority/Prank War type stuff for a while now, and during previous YIM chats with Bondage_Barbie_Doll we've come up with a third sorority aside from the EZ's and GEK's. BMB House is a new sorority at Beaverhole University, and chock full with buxom bimbos.

I believe this is the first sorority-themed caption I've done in quite some time. Hope you enjoy it, even if it is very short. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Love what you did here! Glad the chats have help with some ideas, and glad you feeling better now!

  2. Are you sure this is a captive from a rival sorority, and not just a pledge hazing . . . ?

    I'm looking forward to reading more about the girls of Beta Mu Beta.

  3. BTW, in the "truth is hotter than fiction" department, allegations w/r/t hofstra sororities:

    A recent graduate who attended Hofstra at the same time as Kazantsev told Jezebel that the final two steps of pledging in one (unnamed) sorority involved making all of the pledges remove their underwear and sit on newspapers while the older members forced them to watch lesbian porn. Anyone whose newspaper stuck to them at the end of the video, the former student said, was branded a dyke, ridiculed, and tossed out. The remaining girls were then forced to perform oral sex on their sorority "big sisters." Other Greeks required pledges to sit in circles around bowls of cat food and other various inedibles. They'd take turns eating and as soon as someone threw up, they had to eat the puke. Another sorority would wrap completely naked pledges in tinfoil, take them to bars, and instruct them to dance until last call. Patrons would pull pieces of foil off, and pledges were considered sexually up for grabs.

  4. I love the idea of having to guess who is rubbing her. I may have to use it sometime.

  5. I'd love to see the big piercing party ^^ and I also love the idea of having to guess who is rubbing her

  6. Great work in a short caption. Teasing and denial as the start to a very long adventure.


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