Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm Back!

Sorry again for the incredibly long hiatus. It has been quite a while since I was this sick for so long; in fact, I'm still coughing a bit, even after more than two solid weeks.

Anyway, I'm finally able to get back to my writing, and start working on some new captions too.

This isn't a particularly great cap or anything, but I wanted something to post while I work on my superheroine caps that I mentioned before my hiatus. Once I've finished them, I'm hoping on having a superheroine-in-distress caption a day until I run out.

- B-Rex


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  2. A very enthusiastic welcome back.
    I will admit, I had been starting to get worried.
    Take good care of yourself in future, please.
    As for the caption, well, by itself it's nothing special, but if you could turn it into a series of captions, or a short story, it might be a lot of fun.
    I wonder if Silvia is really just spacing out because she's never been on a game show before, especially if she's blowing questions with answers like "1066". Maybe she has been bribed to throw the game, because the producers need the occasional on-camera orgasm to maintain audience interest. If that is the case, Silvia might reveal the deception to Cass and share the money with her -- or maybe she'd feel it better to spare poor Cass the added embarrassment . . . .

  3. Welcome back, hope you are fully recovered soon.

    I enjoyed it. I got the impression that Silvia was getting revenge on Cas and deliberately losing some answers but not sure how it would end. The final humiliation, perhaps as Dr Psycho says with Silvia have an arrangement with the show, or the cash.

  4. Love the idea of this gameshow. Think I need a partner, anyone good at answering questions?........


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