Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sheer Humiliation 2

Meant to have this sequel caption to Sheer Humiliation up a few days ago, but couldn't find the picture I wanted. Finally found it in my pic archives, thankfully. And it is the perfect picture too! :-D

Hope you all enjoy this. Vedrina sent me two gift caps, which should be up Monday. So you've got that to look forward to, too! :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Oh, how I love seeing a woman blackmailed and coerced into humiliating herself, into making herself something less than she really is.
    For the rest of his life, the buyer will tell the story about buying a snazzy car for a ridiculous price from a bimbo who was selling her sugar daddy's gift to pay for a boob job. He will never know she was really an intelligent and successful woman who paid for the car herself and was forced to sell it by a sadistic blackmailer.
    And she will know that's what he will be thinking, and there is nothing she can do about it....
    BTW, nice photo. In the 1990s, when see-through tops were in fashion again, I got a kick out of telling young women about the days when that kind of fabric was in vogue -- only bras were out of style.

  2. Great sequel. The mandatory speech before the sale really sold this one. I hope that her handler was also considerate enough to have her wait there and at least give a similar message to all the others who came too late... :)

    And of course, it's additionally exciting to imagine that her upcoming swelled assets will be a central part in even more humiliating "chores" and "errands" to come.

  3. Nipple tattoos, breast expansion... add a nipple rings to that and you end with a pretty nice trio.

  4. Love it! Perfect forced bimbo behaviour! Any further plans for our hapless girl?


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