Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Mayor - Making The Circuit

Hello everybody, I'm back! Thanks to everyone for being so understanding, and to those who have sent their condolences. It's been a very busy few weeks, but finally things seem to be returning to normal, and I should be able to get back in the swing of things now.

Anyway, today's caption is a bit unusual, but hopefully you'll all enjoy it anyway. I wanted to return to an old character, but this is less a sequel to her last appearance, and more of a possible future. I might make more caps involving her, but taking place before this. So, I guess I'm saying this is maybe not-entirely canon. Or something.

I'll be working on continuing the Racking Up series soon, but figured some of you might enjoy a non-TG cap to break things up. ;-)

- B-Rex

PS. A few links to the Mayor's earlier captions, for those who are a bit newer to this blog:

The Mayor
The Mayor 2
The Mayor's New Tits

And she shows up a few more times, as part of my old Prank War Saga.


  1. Yes! Mayor Goodleigh is back! Oh, not Mayor anymore? Oh, well, at least she's allowed to wear clothes again -- provided she can stay in them!

  2. Good to see the mayor again, brings backs memories of when I first read through this blog.

  3. Its great to see you back.
    i hope there are more, after all her previous humiliations that is just a drop in the ocean. i'm sure her move back to normality can't do that smooth.

    1. True, this is rather tame by the Mayor's standards. I might make a few more post-Mayor caps for her though. Perhaps she about to start a whole new political career, running for higher office. Governor Goodleigh, maybe?

      - B-Rex

    2. President goodleigh


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