Saturday, May 30, 2015

Racking Up 4

Sorry about my sudden disappearance these past two weeks, everybody. I've had just about my whole extended family in town this whole time, and have been too busy to get any writing done, for either ebooks or captions.

My great-aunt became quite ill just before Memorial Day (which is why everyone was down, to see her), and has just passed away yesterday afternoon, so I might be busy for the next several days as well. I hope you all understand.

All that said, here's the next installment of Racking Up, wherein Jeri finds his consultation isn't quite as simple as he'd hoped.

I've got several more caps in this series planned out, and should have them up here sometime soon, once everything in real-life has settled back down again.

- B-Rex


  1. Sorry to read about your great aunt.
    I look forward to more in this series when you are able.

  2. Deep condolences on the passing of your aunt, B-Rex. The lead-in to revealing the details of his implants is very teasing, and I'm excited for the next part when you're ready. Take care.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your great aunt. It hurts, I know.

    "Funny you should mention that," words which rank alongside, "This is interesting" as things you don't want to hear a doctor say.

  4. Sorry to hear the news. Hope you and your loved ones are well.

  5. Are any more from this series planned because it's great. Thanks

    1. Yeah, I had several more planned, with some pics even picked out. Just been busy these past few months, sort of got away from me. But I'll get to it eventually, don't you worry! :-)

      - B-Rex


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