Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PW Redux: Handle With Care

Greetings! I just noticed the blog is rapidly coming up on 4 million views, which is crazy, feels like the site just hit 1 million. Thanks to everyone for the views, despite my frequent hiatuses of late. The blog has averaged over 100K views a month for at least the past year now, which is just insane to me.

Anyway, today's Prank War Redux caption looks in on another old character, this time Professor Amber Gundle, last seen in the Beaverween finale of the Prank War Saga, trapped inside a sex-doll suit and in the clutches of the KOK Fraternity. (Her last appearances: 1, 2)

The next PWR caps will finally get to the sorority girls themselves, as they begin their vacation.

Aside from today's cap and future Prank War caps, I've also been working on a NWO caption that is finished, but stills need a picture before I can post it. Hopefully I'll have that up soon. Also, Barbie has sent me another caption, which will go up sometime tomorrow.

And Adobeman has sent me a very fun robot-transformation story to post on the sister site. I need to finish some editing on it first, but it should be up within a few days well. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I'm sure you all will too.

Thanks again to everyone for helping the site to reach (nearly) 4 million views, you've made this blog much more successful than I ever dreamed it would be! :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Great caption, fun situation and can't wait to see what happens on the spring break itself!


  2. Mmmmm, I love sexdoll conversion and sexdoll mistaken identity scenarios, indeed I do.
    That's a really nice pic -- I take it you did the eyes? And did you also modify the doll's expression as well?
    Regardless, a delicious setup for a story I look forward to seeing continued.

  3. This must be the best "turned into a sex doll" story ever, if only because it's not quite a transformation, only a total adoption of the role. :P

    So, we're setting up for a prank clash between a band of unaccompanied young ladies and another whose chaperone is pretty much just a dummy authority(in more ways than one) in totally uncharted territory of Spring Break.

    This gonna be gooooood... ^.^

  4. I really hope that NRD student's research bears some HUGE fruit! ;) Sounds exactly like the kind of promising mind I'd offer a tenured professorship to in the near future.

  5. I was hoping it would be an update on Gina Hart, but still a great cap! x


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