Sunday, June 26, 2016

Guest Post: Wrong Patient by Doctor Psycho

Hope you are all having a fine weekend, keeping cool and all. :-)

Doctor Psycho has sent me a wonderful guest caption to share, with one of my favorite themes. It's even inspired me to work on finishing a few boob-related caps I've had on the back burner for awhile now.

I'm glad to hear (from the previous post) that you can all see the recommends and reactions like normal. Still not working for me, even when I switch browsers. Not sure what the issue is. Maybe it'll sort itself out eventually....

Anyway, as always, please be sure to let Doc know what you think of his guest cap down in the comments.

- B-Rexit


  1. Great work on this caption, Doc. Lots of fun elements at play here; the surprise of waking up to find ridiculous breasts is such an entertaining kink, and your dialogue drives home the embarrassment of the situation while hinting at some fun scenes to imagine in her future. Possibly my favorite caption I've seen from you, nicely done.

    And that's very odd about the recommendations not showing up; I tried on two browsers and the recommended pictures section was present both times. Sorry to hear about your tech issues, but that's awesome to hear about you getting inspiration from this caption. You're so skilled at finding entertaining ways to leave a woman stuck with a ridiculous rack.

  2. I love that she basically looks like tits on a stick. Great humiliation cap Doc.

  3. Very nice captions, great humiliating setup and follow through :)



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