Thursday, November 17, 2016

Namazuros' Prize Caption - Bouncy's Castle

Hello everyone, I've been trying to finish another standalone caption for awhile now, but it's just not clicking. The idea is fun, with a good surprise ending too, but I can't quite figure out where to begin the caption itself. I'm going for a sort-of Hogwarts thing, but the setup is hard to work out.

Anyway, while I try and work out something, I'm decided to get on with the prize captions for the Halloween contest instead. These will come out in no particular order, just as I feel an idea gel together.

Today we have Namazuros' prize, based around the three-word prompt: name-change, bouncy, revenge.

This was a lot of fun to write, and I might revisit this idea again. And maybe do some more stuff with three-word prompts in the future, if anyone is interested in that. It does seem to get my creative-juices flowing.

Also, feel free to suggest what you think Miss Castle writes at the end. ;-)

- B-Rex


  1. Bouncy bouncy is to work through the city's homeless population giving them tittyfucks and receiving facials from each one. Therefore improving citywide morale. As this is a program to better her community the police will escort her and stay with her until the entire homeless population has been throughly satisfied.

  2. Awesome caption. Since CEO's have that power and independace thing going I would assume maybe Trophy Wife or a member of the cleaning staff.

  3. That is one very original idea -- those three-word prompts can really inspire you, can't they?
    The idea of forcing her to choose her own worst nightmare is especially naughty.
    But, what does she write? Here's my thought, inspired by this video which I just watched:

    Bouncy-Bouncy, having abused more than one barista in her time, will now become one herself. She will endure being ogled by customers, groped by co-workers, be asked endless questions simply for the pleasure of hearing her goofy bimbo voice.
    Also, she will provide all of the full-fat milk for mochas and lattes.

  4. Somehow, the caption reminds me of this story here:
    Well, just because of her name...

    The story is a nice read anyway, with cool surgery ideas...

  5. I loved everything about this one. It's exactly the sort of thing I would've requested myself. :D The way her humiliation kept climbing in small extra notches too as she took notice of Trisha's little touches each time was a thrill, like when she sees her body physically emphasizing when she says her new name and when her hands just automatically treat her tits as a desk.

    On the tablet:

    "Bawncy" & "Bounsi" - Madam Trisha's worshiping, obedient, Home/Business Twin Assist-Tits.

    And their talking display stand.

  6. Everything about this caption is amazing! The dialogue, from the silly bimbo speak to the ridiculous words for Bouncy's assets, its all just too fun. You knocked this one out of the park, thank you so much!

  7. And as for what she wrote, I'd imagine Bouncy would find herself suddenly starring in her former company's newest line of fitness tapes. Well, co-starring behind the two real leads, I should say :)

    1. I'd like to second this idea. Something that involves bouncing.

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