Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Contest Submissions Part 2

Okay, and here's Anon98's caption series. I had to resize/change font color for most of these, and it took just a bit longer than I was expecting, so this is going up a bit later than I said.

Please be sure to check out the last post as well so you don't miss all the other great contest submissions.

As to Anon98's very large series, I like how well he was able to incorporate as many images into a coherent story. Of the many transformations, I think I most enjoyed the Twi'lek alien girl and the Anal/Shemale scenes.

Please let Anon98 know what you all think down in the comments, as per usual. And again, thanks to everyone for participating in this Halloween contest. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Really fantastic stuff! The scale of this sequence and the variety of the punishments is just superb. I would say my personal favorite was Kristy's punishment; I loved the fun mix of magic with sci-fi stuff. Plus I'm a sucker for name changes so I enjoyed your fun names. But I thought it was awesome for the whole thing, with the story playing out like a fun horror movie with every "victim" getting taken down one by one. Great work!

  2. Oh god, what an intense series! I'm still in the middle of it but I love it already! ^.^

    It's like a much better and more fun version of that movie "Unfriended", or so I heard... :P

  3. Very nice story. It almost reminds me of the prank war a few years back.

  4. I'm usually not into any magical transformations, but the demonish storyline here makes them really worthwhile. Thanks for that many captions!

    The sci-fi dream curse is just superb! I like it the best of them all. Very imaginative, unlike anything I have read before. It not only is degrading, and a huge mindfuck, but also has so many possible body-mods depending on what alien the dreaming nerd wants to fuck! Probably I'll have to adapt that idea to caption some of my own morphs someday :-)

    The Kinky Scientist

  5. A genuine tour-de-force. I am profoundly impressed by how many images Anon98 managed to work into his/her story of Holly's revenge.

  6. Oh, and my three-word prompt for my image, Rex? No, it's not going to be "taming a tomboy", nor even "exec to sec". It's going to be "boss amitery* recruiting".
    That might mean the young boss brings her older female subordinates under her thumb, or it might mean that the boss, having been seduced by a young subordinate, is now recruiting her peers to serve him or other young men. It might even mean.... Well, it might mean any manner of things, mightn't it?
    I look forward to finding out what Rex decides "boss amitery recruiting" means.

    *Amitery derives from a Latin word meaning "aunt", and refers to a mature woman being sexually dominated by a younger person.

    1. Thanks Doc, that just leaves Ellie to get back to me and I'll have everyone's prize cap info ready to go.

      BTW, which specific contest image did you pick for your prize, Doc? Or are you leaving it up to me to pick one?

      - B-Rex

  7. This was excellent, my hat off to Anon98's for constructing the story. The embarrassment in them was very much to my taste but even for the parts that weren't, it melded into an intresting cohesive story. The set up was well done, made us wish for the revenge, the punishments really fitted the crimes (puppy, back in school and spanked, Becky's were my favourite), my preference on the ending was the original but both work well.


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