Monday, September 18, 2017

Different Strokes

I know, two posts in as many days, I'm as shocked as you are!

Today's cap is largely inspired by some fun captions from a tumblr blog ran by someone I think was called 'Duckboy'. His first blog seems to have been deleted recently, but I think this is the same person.

A lot of his stuff is more feet-fetish and weight-gain related, but there is also some fun mind-control/reality-warping stuff that reminds me of the old stories by Mr. Grey, Tainted Sins, and Burke Rakers.

Hopefully you'll all enjoy this one, especially those of you who enjoyed some of my other speech-impediment themed captions, like the Tabitha Kohls plot in the Sorority Prank War saga.

Let me know what you think, and whether you'd be interested in more like this or even a sequel-of-sorts. A bit different from my usual fare, but fun to write.

- B-Rex


  1. Hehehehe, now that is an amusing condition! I hope it doesn't last long enough that it'd get in the way of Miss Knox's career... wait, what am I saying, I'm sure that'd be a lovely change of pace for her! ^.^

  2. A lot of fun! I really enjoy anything that alters others perception and this is perfect for that! Also, bonus points for making a fun sexy caption that also refers to Broca's area!

  3. This is stunningly creative. The language is so slutty, and yet you can still figure out everything she's really saying (except "Tourette's", I did need that one pointed out to me).

    You say that you have more ideas for this too? Go for it!

    1. Yes, not only clever and funny, but also quite similar to one of forms which aphasia takes IRL.
      I wonder, though, whether "Splooge pervert" might not have been distorted, but simply exactly what the poor unfortunate intended to say...?

  4. All of you're speech/language control is always a favorite of mine thank you.

  5. Thanks so much! Yep, I was formally duckboy43, now going by Hypnotransform. I'm a big fan of your work and didn't know you were aware of mine!

  6. Bravo! �� This was brilliant and creative and without a doubt, a laugh. My favorite by far since the hypnotic tapes and calling to complain

  7. Clever idea, I enjoyed how it all unfolded and how well crafted this was.

  8. Like it!.Hope theres a sequel where she finds the only knob she can get is as a you know what after she Hos out the whore....I mean only job as she goes out the door!


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