Sunday, September 17, 2017

Severence Packages

Hello everyone! I'm back! And I brought captions!

Sorry about the hiatus, I've been busy dealing with some minor disasters at home (been digging out my house's septic system for over two weeks now, and still have a lot more digging left to go. Word of advice: never plant an oak tree near your septic line).

Hope everyone made it through the hurricanes without much trouble. By the time they reached my area, the rain and wind was pretty much done, thankfully.

Anyway, here's the captions:

I've also been working on several more captions, so I should have more posts coming soon, instead of another month-long absence.

- B-Rex


  1. Not any ending I would have anticipated, but a satisfying one. A nice little twist there, Rex.

  2. Did not see that revenge plan coming. Still keeping it fresh, Rex!

  3. Oh no, seems like Rhoda got a lot more Cox than she planned... way way more! ^.^

    Glad to hear from you, dear!

  4. Good revenge twist! Glad hurricanes didn't hit you


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