Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Psyched 4 - Anger Management

Happy Humpday, everybody! Sorry for the absences, once again.

I've spent the last few days trying and failing to make several Mother's Day themed captions (mostly centering around evil stepmother's getting their just desserts) but they just never seem to quite click into place, and I end up abandoning the captions half-finished. Perhaps I'll come back to them later, when my mind is working a bit better.

Today's caption is an old one I apparently forgot to post, or else didn't post for some reason I've now forgotten. Probably I wasn't happy with the picture or the ending. Anyway, it is sort of a continuation of my Psyched series, with an age-regression theme.

Please enjoy and I'll try to finish some of my other captions before the week is out. I've got another hypnosis themed caption already written, but need to find at least one more picture before I can properly make it into caps.

- B-Rex


  1. As usual, you never fail to deliver.

    Hope to see more of the same theme ( age regression, forced lesbianism)

  2. What a lovely downfall... perhaps Anita's roommante/lover/mama will request a new name change after she "upgrades" her ward's demotion status... "Anita Nappycheck" will probably not mind not having to work or study anymore, I suppose. ;P

    Always a pleasure to see new stuff here! ^.^ I hope you're doing well!

    1. Oh, dear, Leila, I hope not!
      I love age regression, but not all the way back to diapers.
      For one thing, I've worked in nursing homes, so if there was ever a chance that incontinence was going to be a turn-on for me, the possibility was lost long ago [and this guy didn't help any: ].
      I'd much rather see Anita remain a "Middle" rather than become a "Little" or an "Adult Baby".
      But having her continue to get comfortable with her new "Mommy" sounds delightful.

    2. Aww... can we meet halfway and get Anita into some toddler pageants? I'm sure keeping a smile all day would do wonders for her attitude, and it'd be a-do-rable! ^.^

  3. Good to see a post from you, Rex.
    Glad to see you are coping at least somewhat with your family tragedy. I hope working on this blog can help take your mind off things a little.


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