Thursday, May 31, 2018

Office Peons

I've spent days searching for a fitting image or two for this, but have only found one that fits. Sadly, it's too small to fit my text, so I've once again been forced to post the caption as a short story instead.

I'm quite happy with this one, nonetheless. As usual, hit the READ MORE link to open the full page and read the story. And please let me know what you think!

- B-Rex

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"I really don't know why you're asking me, Miss Dahlton. Mister Peters is the one who makes final determination of all promotions, and I'm only Mister Jacobs' assistant. And he absolutely does not want to be disturbed."

Barbara sighed in exasperation, releasing her grip on the Assistant Director's office doorhandle reluctantly. How she hated dealing with these low-level office peons....

"Look, Tiffany, we both know that Geoff is the one who is making the real decisions since Peters' stroke last year. You're Geoff's sec--er, personal assistant." Barbara fought back an urge to roll her eyes, but she knew it wouldn't do to insult the woman too directly. "Look, you know your boss better than anyone. You can put in a good word for me, and when I get the new VP position next month, I'll... I'll make it up to you, somehow."

The Assistant Director's secretary just shook her head. "Look, Miss Dahlton, Barbara--" The executive gritted her teeth at the drone's use of her first name, but didn't correct her. "Even if I was willing to risk my job giving my boss unsolicited opinions, which I am not, even then he'd just ignore me. It might even hurt your chances of getting the promotion."

Barbara hadn't considered that, but had to admit the wage slave had a point. Geoff would probably think she'd bribed the woman to talk her up, which wouldn't be too far off the mark. He'd never seemed the sort to care for brown noising too much, now that she thought about it...

"Well... fine. But surely there's something you can do to give me a leg up on Jenson and the others that are in the running?"

The secretary mulled it over for a moment, then looked the executive up and down slowly. Barbara didn't care for the appraising look, especially when the woman shook her head disdainfully and returned to her typing.

"Well? Out with it!" Barbara snapped.

Tiffany sighed, not turning away from her computer screen. "You really don't want me to say, Barbara."

"Oh, for fuck's sake! Just tell me, you silly office peon!" Barbara gushed, then caught herself, quickly regaining her composure. The secretary rotated her cheap chair around slowly, and stared at her.

Finally, Tiffany seemed to make up her mind and shrugged. "Fine. You aren't going to get the position."

Barbara blinked, as the words resonated. "'Not going to'-- how do you possibly know--"

The secretary continued, cutting her off. "The simple truth is, Miss Dahlton, you just don't have the tits for the job."

Barbara was taken aback, instinctively bringing a hand protectively to her chest, feeling the thickly-padded bra under her top. "Wh--wha... what the hell does that mean!?!"

Tiffany shrugged again, resuming her typing. "Simple. Geoff has a type, and you aren't it. He likes them big, very big. You're what, maybe a C-cup, if that? Geoff likes big tits, big and fake, really fake. Why do you think he promoted Janine down in accounting to manager last January? Sure wasn't for her brains!"

Barbara frowned. She remembered the unexpected promotion; the gossip had spread quickly, much of it revolving around Janine and Geoff having a very long personal meeting, shortly before the surprise announcement of the woman's new position.

And Janine was infamous among the female executives for her obviously-enhanced curves. Could it really be that simple?

She'd never considered the rumors about the Assistant Director and Janine to have any merit, Geoff had never seemed like the typical horn-dog executive. But she'd seen men hide their natures before, and it was certainly a possibility....

"Anyway, unless you can think of some way to grow a real pair of tits in the next month, I think Jenson has it, on seniority alone. But then, what do I know, I'm just an 'office peon'..."

Barbara barely heard the woman, her mind racing. It would be difficult, but she had two week's vacation time saved up, time she'd lose when she got the Vice President of Sales position anyway. The cost would be high, but if it got her promoted, her new salary would easily cover the surgery costs. Doctor, I've got to make a doctor's appointment, first thing tomorrow morning....

Barbara started to walk away, head in a fury of planning, as the secretary rolled her eyes. "Oh, and Barbie?" The executive turned back, not noticing the nickname. "Remember last summer when you came back from vacation and the Caribbean sun bleached your hair almost blonde? Geoff really liked that look. Just FYI.

Salon first, then the doctor, Barbara mentally corrected, walking away briskly.

Tiffany smirked as the woman walked away, and restarted her typing. "Office Peon, bah! "In a few weeks, that bitch will be the 'Office Tetons', more like!"

She began to chuckle at her own wit, only to be interrupted as the main office door opened beside her. "Oh, was that Miss Dahlton? Did she want something?"

The secretary looked up at her boss. "Oh, nothing much, Mister Jacobs. I think Barbie's planning to take her vacation time, we were just talking about her trip to the Caribbean last year."

"Oh? Didn't you tell her the interviews for the VP position have been moved up to next week?"

"I did, but I don't think Barbie's all that interested, Mister Jacobs." Tiffany continued her typing, as her boss shrugged, and returned to his door. "Oh, almost forgot, Sir: your boyfriend called, said he'd be a little late for lunch and not to wait for him."


  1. Love it- love the name the coercion towards the transformation, the loss of a chance at progression, the general dismissal at the end ! Wonderful stuff!

  2. Awesome post, hopeful for followups but happy if this is where it ends

  3. The names, taken from Parker's famous story "Career Opportunities" [], make for an interesting sort of "parallel world" effect, as though this were how the same story played out on the next world over.
    I like the idea that on world after world, the arrogant and abusive Barbara Dahlton winds up as the submissive and exploited Barbie Dahl....

  4. That's a really good, deep burn there. Way to go, Tiff!

  5. Okay that ending got chuckle out of me GG.

  6. love it
    i would like to see a part 2
    to see what happens to Barbara at her return from the surgeries and salon appointments


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