Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guest Post: Janine by Dr Psycho

Dr. Psycho has made two captions about Janine, dealing with unexpected side-effects of her pregnancy. I received his email but have been unable to send a reply or else my replies aren't being delivered.

In either case, until I'm sure that he wants me to post the captions here, I'll just link to his various sites where the captions can be found:

And to Dr. Psycho, this was my reply to your email:

Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for your captions. I especially love the new craving for semen you have given Janine, :-). Forced pregnancy opens up a whole lot of uniquely humiliating situations for a character, but I hadn't really considered cravings before. Her hormones playing havoc with her arousal level is a fun idea too.

Feel free to make more caps of her, or any of my other characters, as I'd love to see your other ideas.

I'll post the links to your images on my blog in a few minutes,

and thanks again,

UPDATE: Here's Dr. Psycho's Janine Captions!


- B-Rex


  1. Sorry about failed communication. I have been very busy lately, and Hotmail is giving some sort of fits which has resulted in bounced e-mails. But at least it still hasn't changed it to that horrid "Outlook" the way it did to my vanilla ID's e-mail.
    Yes, do please post my caps here, and I will be sending some more of Janine's degradation also (I love pregnancy, I love breast expansion and I love lactation, so how can I not?).

  2. Good. I've been wanting to see these.

  3. I thought I had your e-mail address, but I can't seem to find it in my e-mail account, nor anywhere on this site. Could you please contact me at, so I could send you the next set of Janine caps?

    1. Eagerly anticipating your next batch of caps! :-)

      I assume I can post these on my blog too?

      - B-Rex


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