Monday, October 29, 2012

PW2012: Epilogue: Meeting the Dean

Gail and Heather finally meet the Dean of Beaverhole University, Buford T. Rexford III!

This short installment is just to set up the grand finale of the Prank War, the first part of which I have written this weekend. I'm still pretty sick, so I might take a while to finish this finale mini-series I have planned, but I think I will be able to post at least the beginning by Halloween.

I was hoping to let everyone vote in a poll, and maybe let you all decide who the winners would be, to make the finale a little more interactive, but time constraints and polling issues have basically ruined that idea. To keep things moving, I have chosen the winning sorority myself. I hope you will all like what I have planned for the finale. It touches on one of my biggest personal fetishes, so hopefully you'll all enjoy it as well. Anyway, you'll all see it soon enough.

Best Wishes, and thanks for visiting,
- B-Rex


  1. What a cool dean.i can't wait for what well be the the crulest and biggest humiliation. i would rather like the ezs to get it,but tabithas titty twisters bimbo voice and need to keep horny might be the best prank.what if its a draw maybe the well all get .

  2. Can't wait! And sorry to hear about the poll's, first one was very one-sided though so it'd seem people mainly have the same idea who'd won anyway!

  3. It's interesting to get a peek "behind the curtain", as it were, and get a semi-plausible explanation for how this unusual academic ecosystem functions.


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