Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prank War: Gina's Fate and new Poll

Okay, this last series is the end of the Prank War. I do have a proper finale planned, which was originally meant to be finished by Halloween, but that may not be possible. We'll see, I guess. I'm still looking for a few good pictures to use for the Dean of Beaverhole University.

This installment has 6 captions, following Gina's last humiliations at the hands (and cocks) of the NRD's, and a bonus final humiliating tattoo for Gina. I hope everyone enjoys them.

I'm also planning a short story showing Gina's future life with Aline and Joan. I've got a lot of pictures that would fit well with my story ideas. But it'll be at least a few weeks before I can write it all out. I want to show how Gina's life changes, as she'll have to find a new, more appropriate line of work since modeling is obviously no longer an option.

Also, I'm adding a new poll, asking which Sorority, the GEK's or the EZ's, do you feel have won the Prank War?

I can't promise that the poll results will effect the Finale, as I'll need to start making the captions before the poll would actually end, but I am interested in seeing which Sorority you think won.


  1. Frankly, I have lost track of all the pranks, and of which girl belonged to which sorority.

    But it is pretty obvious that the real winners are the NRD frat boys... and all the others who can now enjoy the company of the permanently horny, lisping Tabby Fuckholes, get a treat from Peezy on Helloween, and attent the newest toy presentations by their naked, boob-bouncing major Goodleigh...

  2. Great work. Perhaps a brief epilogue to sum up where all the characters ended up would be good, but very well done.

  3. Yes it would be great to see a follow up on all the dedraded gals at some point. are they stuck with all the inserts ,hypno, chemicals,mody mods and predicaments? Its been a great set though.I look forward to seeing your next blogs.

  4. Fairly slow captions, can definitely see the series is winding down, looking forward to last update and then the new caps you have teased as well as this short story!

  5. Oh, my, oh my. Shit just got serious. Expectations are on the roof! :D

    BTW, your poll is behaving weirdly. I cast my vote and it doesn't update. I came here earlier and it had 6 votes, now it has one, and it's not mine. That's really odd. =/

    Also, I second the idea of a character-by-character epilogue. If only to hear Tabby's bimbo voice again. >w<

  6. It has to be getting hard to properly top each prank, but you have not failed us so far.
    I third the motion for a character-by-character epilogue, and second the motion for a return of Tabby the Compulsive Bimbo-Talker.

  7. Hate to see it come to an end. All good things and such...

    Not sure that either of the sororities can claim victory here. They've each suffered some heinous blows.

    Maybe the Dean could decide to use this for personal gain and pimp them out to the local frat houses for parties and such. Retiring with a nice net egg after a few years. Hmmmm....


  8. I really kinda wish you had a uh, chronological tag or something. So we could read these easily in order. :)


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