Saturday, October 27, 2012

Collaboration Project

Hello everyone!

First of all, let me just say that I am very sick right now. I have a bad cold (maybe pneumonia), so it's unlikely I'll be able to complete my Prank War finale any time soon. I'm feeling a little better right now, thanks to a lot of medication, so I figured I write this post before my headache returns.

I was talking with Kimmy Foster on Yahoo instant messenger yesterday, and Kimmy had an interesting idea: You can all make your own captions, showing the fates of my characters, and I'll post them here! That will give everyone something to do and read, while I'm laying around in bed, full of meds trying to get better. :-)

Kimmy's idea was that these could be "6 months later" type captions, showing what became of the sorority girls after their adventures in the Prank War.

I have my own plans for what will happen with most of them, which I'll hopefully eventually manage to post when I'm feeling better.

But in the meantime, you can make your own caps showing your version of their fates, sort of an alternative universe theme, if you will. You could even make multiple versions, if you wanted, maybe giving Peezy a happy ending and an unhappy ending. It's all up to you!

More details after the break!

Now I don't really have any specific rules/guidelines in mind for these captions, though for formatting I'd recommend keeping your finished captioned images between 1300 px long, and 900 px high to keep them legible on blogger.

If you have your own blog/yahoo group/tumblr account/whatever, you could post your caps there and just post a link here in the comments sections, or alternatively, you can email me a jpg of your caption at berserkasaurusrex*@*  (just delete the two *'s), and I'll post it here in a future post!

Now, a few possible suggestions:


You could show the fate of EZ girl Lori Logan, who was last seen in the beginning of Pain in the Ass, has been trapped in Honeywell Academy by the GEK's. You might show what became of her after the GEK's dropped her back off, no doubt leaving her to be punished by the school officials for running away. Or something else, your choice!

You could use one of the following pictures to show what became of her since we last saw her, or if you wanted, you could choose your own pictures. As long as Lori is blonde, more-or-less flat chested, and trapped in Honeywell Academy, you can use any picture you want. :-)


Or you could decide the future of EZ girl Sara Sophine, who was featured in Worst Nightmare and returned in my mini-series Surprises in September. She was a cheerleader, but was hypnotized into becoming her worst nightmare, a goth/punk chick, with tattoos and piercings, and wild mohawk hair. Now she is unenrolled from the University and working to become a tattoo/piercing artist.

It's hard to find good pics to use for her, but you could try any from this Eva Angelina set.


Or you could decide what fate befalls the GEK House Mother, Janine. She's been impregnated by the EZ's and the KOK fratboys, and is now forced to milk her massive breasts several times a day.

You could use any of these pictures, or try your own. Maybe Janine really does become the next Octomom, as she feared. Or maybe she has to get married to one of the young KOK frat boys after a paternity test? It's all up to you!


These are all just friendly suggestions. If you had your heart set on giving Peezy a happy ending, or if you wanted to show the Mayor wandering lost on the slopes of Mount Menow, or prefer to follow Tabitha Kohls and her bimbo voice instead, be my guest!

Or you could make a sequel of your own to one of my earlier series; maybe a sequel to Bunni Bunnz or the women of Walpers Country Club.

I'd love to see you all come up with your own fates for these characters. The more, the better!


  1. I'll give Lori a try.

    1. I got your caps, Kimmy, and they are wonderful! I've been trying to talk to you on IM, but I know you've been having difficulty with it lately.

      Do you want me to post your caption series here, or do you want to post it at and I can just link to it?

      I really love what you've done to Lori!

      - B-Rex

  2. I will do one or more on the subject of Janine -- possibly in the form of nightmares she has during her pregnancy, so that they could be followed by the revelation of her real fate.
    Anyway, I will have something ready soon.

    1. Glad to hear it! I'm looking forward to what you come up with. :-)

      - B-Rex

  3. I'd love to see what happened to Sara Sophine, being turned into a punk/goth is a huge humiliation fantasy of mine and i'd love to see what happened to her x

    1. As it turns out, Kimmy Foster did a guest series on Sara Sophine's fate:

      - B-Rex


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