Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Still No Internet

Hello everyone! I'm typing this out on my phone cause my Internet is still down. I've finished a few new caps, but can't seem to figure out how to post them. I'll keep trying. Right now I'm actually typing this in my Notes app in order to copypaste the text onto the blog. It's a huge hassle. Anyway, the good news is that I should have a new satellite dish installed by Saturday, so I'll be posting regularly again soon. Thanks for being patient as I work all this out. I'll try posting as much as I can when I'm back, to make it up to u all. Besides my new caps, I've been working on a new, slower paced bimbofication story.  - B-Rex


  1. Wishing you all the best, Rex.
    Be strong, and we will all be patient -- won't we, gang?

  2. Absolutely. You go ahead and take care of any misc issues that arise as needed. Taking a breather to re-focus a bit is always OK too. I think you've maintained a really active update schedule for a long while now.


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