Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gift Cap for Meisa: Titsy's Day Out

Okay, Meisa wanted a very boob-oriented cap for winning the caption contest. I hope this meets to your satisfaction, Meisa! :-)

Also, I'm having major trouble connecting to the internet these past few days. I think my satellite dish has become misaligned. I've been planning to switch providers from Hughesnet to Exede or a local cable internet company, so I might just do that instead of bothering to wait for Hughesnet to send someone out, yet again.

But it might be a while until I can get back online. Just publishing this post has taken about three hours; I seem to have these short two or three minute bursts where my signal strength is high enough that I can connect to the internet, then it drops back to 10 or 12 percent, and the connection dies again. Very tiresome!!

- B-Rex


  1. very strange, where did this idea come from. my gf has a cute ass maybe? no she would never go for it.

  2. I'd enjoy seeing the wedding (I presume it was topless, so the bride could see the ceremony). At this link are some photos which might serve as an illustration of the former Valerie Stodwell's wedding:

  3. It's perfect! You hit my request square-on, B-Rex. I love this cap. :D

    Also, thank you to Dr. Psycho as well for sharing those additional images. They're a great side addition.

  4. reminds me a bit of angela from your other stories....i hope you finish Angelas Last resort soon

  5. Thanks for the cappie :)

    Sorry to hear about your internet woes. I went through a similar situation last year... Took months to finally fix it. I wish you a speedier recovery :)

    1. Thanks! :-) I'm stuck using my phone to post this right now, but I'm finally getting the satellite people coming out sometime this Friday. Hopefully I'll have Internet access by the end of the week.

  6. This is so amazing, This could defiantly lead to a series that would be awesome!


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