Sunday, May 4, 2014

Suite Dolls

Here's a rather long cap involving elements of training/mind-control I made last week. I actually made a few different versions of this, one split into two parts with slightly different text. For the hell of it, I've just decided to go ahead and post both versions. You all can decide which you prefer, if any. :-)
Suite Dolls
And the two-parter version:

Suite Doll, Cap 1
Suite Doll, Cap 2
Hope you enjoy one - or all three - of these. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. I think the first one was the better of the two versions, both because the succinct text is well-written, and because the illustration is more appealing to me.
    So, does Mr. Dahl have an independent income, or does he have a way of making money with his house full of dolls...?

  2. I find the first picture to be more suitable because the openly flowery decorations, tea set, and other extra-girly details help to fit the brainwashing feel of the story. But the subtle text differences in Part 2 of the second version make more sense to me. I couldn't really tell in the first version why giving Hillary an anal orgasm was a punishment, and the fact that Robert is purposefully simulating the dog barking in the second version helps to make him come off more strongly as a master of her environment.


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