Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stocking Stuffers 5: Uninformed Academic

Hello all!

Mackaie wanted a prize caption involving "embarrassment. Someone whose body remains the same but through their own foolishness/villainy ends up humiliated (quite possibly naked), Off the Deep End was a great example. I also enjoy ageplay if that would be easier." I was working on another sequel cap, when an IM chat gave me the idea for this caption instead. I hope you enjoy it, Mackaie. It doesn't have a Christmas theme, but I think it hits most of your requested scenario.

As usual, I spent quite a bit longer working on this than I had planned, but I had a new font that sort-of looks like chalk lines to me, and I wanted to use it instead of my usual AR Cena font. But of course, it made the text not quite fit, so I had to rewrite part of it, and so on. It ended up much larger than I had wanted, with smaller text than prefer.

Hopefully it's still legible despite all that. If not, I have an earlier version that I can post instead. Let me know if you are having trouble reading it, and I'll post the other version, and the text by itself.

Otherwise, please enjoy! :-)

- B-Rex


  1. LOVE it, where can apply for a job? ;)

  2. haha love this one, great Picture too

  3. Thanks Rex, I loved it.

    The chalk effect worked well and was a lovely touch, sorry it put you to such trouble though. I like the uniform and Samantha really should have read the rules before she went for the job. I'm sure the pupils of Rexford will behave well!

    1. Glad you and Doctor Psycho have enjoyed your prizes, :-)

      I've actually already written a sequel to this cap, (the muse just struck me) but I might save it till after I finish Meisa and Femslut's prize caps. Not sure yet.

      - B-Rex

    2. Please, finish Meisa and Femslut's prize caps first.

      Looking forward to those and the sequel to Samantha's predicament.

  4. Hey, I like your work a lot. A lot of other captioners just seem to do TG.... which I'm not really a fan of.
    I wanted to actually start making my own captions from a few ideas I have.
    I just can't seem to find the images to match though...
    I myself am not a fan of just reading erotica without images...
    I need at least one image otherwise I get bored too quickly.
    So, I was wondering how do you find the images to match stories?
    Do you find images first, then caption them?
    -The Wraith

  5. Well, I consider this cap a very Christmassy one, since it's a very welcome present to us all.

  6. With that dress code on the books, the students should have been very supportive of Ms. Shaw's campaign to become a faculty member. Also, if the uniform for female students is similar, the students should be working to make the school co-ed.


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