Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Contest Submissions

Greeting all! As promised, here are the submissions to my impromptu Thanksgiving Caption Contest from the week before last. Four people sent in caps, Doctor Psycho, Femslut21, Mackaie, and Meisa.(Mackaie sent in text, so I went ahead and added it to the pictures he indicated)

As I said in the contest post, rather than having another blog poll, I will simply choose a winner myself. But first, let's see the caption submissions:

First, Doctor Psycho's caption:

Then Femslut21 sent this one:

Mackaie commented with two cap texts, so I added them to the pictures to finish them off:

 And finally, Meisa sent in this long caption:

And after some careful consideration, while I enjoyed them all, I've decided that the winner is....

....Meisa! Congrats, Meisa! :-D I just really loved all the little details you put in, heaping humiliations upon your lovely, busty victim. Dean Rexford would be proud, ha!

Now, as there were only four submitters, I will make a gift caption for each of you as a thanks for participating in my little contest. Be sure to let me know what you want for you captions, any fetishes you prefer, etc. I might even be able to work them into the Stocking Stuffer series, or else have them as just standalone caps.

And for Meisa, as the winner, you get three caps (or a short story, if you prefer); just let me know what you want, and I'll get to work.

So that should be six new caps, coming soon. I eagerly await your replies, and getting to work on your prizes. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Love them all! Exceptional stuff, but Meisa is a real favourite! I love all the little details added to the uniform to enforce"appropriate" behaviour! Wonderful!

  2. Great caps :) Five for the price of one. Well done to everyone. Not being American I dont know the first thing about Thanksgiving but I look forward to the next comp.

  3. THREE caps? :-O That's an incredible prize, thank you!

    Now I feel like I should've tried harder to make a second entry after all. But I didn't want to make something that felt like a "bundled tack-on" to my existing one and the "plated" girls weren't really stirring up any good tales in my head.

    However, I can share some of the additional details in "Thanksgiving Breast Specials" that had to be cut for space, if you're interested. ;)

    - During the negotiations, Hillary's serving girls were able to force her to show them her written plans for their further uniform adjustments and objectifying policies in the coming months. Plans which they immediately used as inspiration for Hillary's future, not only now but in the coming months too...
    - Hillary had purposefully tampered with the size labels on the tops, so that the listed cup sizes were a full letter larger than the cups actually were. She was waiting and ready to openly lay a verbal crackdown on any girl who tried wearing a size larger, threatening to fire them if they couldn't wear their "correct" size. The girls delighted in physically forcing Hillary into one of her own "D-cup" tops for her mascot role, with vague plans of expanding this policy to her entire wardrobe later on.
    - Hillary had made December plans for the frills on the front of the girls' cups. They would be threaded through beads, with a little bell on the end of each of them. This would add a very audible "jingle to their jiggle", and an extra weight to the frills that would not only swing the cups side-to-side (and the bulging "too-big" melons within them) from the slightest movement, but also ensure plenty of "accidental exposures" due to the new downward weight on the rims. All of this, of course, was now in HILLARY's December plans.
    - Hillary's pedestal outside the diner was carefully set to raise her height so that her tits were at direct face level with most of the men. And as each of them took their pictures, Hillary had to keep her grin on wide while the photo girl asked him whether he wanted the "Face" or "No Face" option for his photo. The girls would sometimes prod her into recommending the "No Face" option, with giggling and degrading justifications, but honestly she couldn't decide which one she was more embarrassed for them to choose. (I had still been re-considering the option names, with "Full Body" vs "What's Important" also on the table.)

    I both hope that you liked the extra deleted scenes, and apologize that I couldn't fit them into the main caption. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations Meisa, fully deserved with an entertaining and full caption.

    Thank you B-Rex for capping my text for me, that was most kind of you.

    As for the kind reward, my interests are embarrassment. Someone whose body remains the same but through their own foolishness/villainy ends up humiliated (quite possibly naked), Off the Deep End was a great example. I also enjoy ageplay if that would be easier.

  5. Aww yes, Meisa did some good Degraded Damsel-style caption there, all juicy details and escalating little details of added humiliation all on top of each other! Eeee! ^.^

    Very well deserved prize, indeed! ^.^

  6. I agree with everyone else - -Meisa's win was well-deserved.

    As for what I'd like for a caption, I'm still deeply devoted to the "taming a tomboy" theme (or meme), so how about another of those? An athlete, a skateboarder, a Food Not Bombs activist or just a can't-be-bothered college student in jeans and t-shirt.

  7. Oh, apparently I'm late to the party. Thanks for offering to do a caption!

    As you can probably tell from my blog most of what I do concerns forced feminization. I also like scenarios involving hypnosis and/or humiliation as well. No need to try and cram all that into a single caption. Whatever you come up with will be appreciated.


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