Friday, December 12, 2014

A Short Hiatus......Hopefully

Hello everyone! Sorry about my sudden disappearance, but my internet connection has totally dried up this week. I'm not sure if my dish is broken, or what happened. One day it was great, then suddenly nothing was working right. I can search some sites, but other sites (like blogger) takes ages to load, if at all. I can't even get yahoo messenger to log me in now, it keeps telling me to use a proxy connection.

Anyway, that has put a huge wrinkle in my holiday series plans. I'm hopeful this is just to do with possibly going over my monthly data limit. If so, then I should be back to normal by the 16th, when the next billing period starts. As it is right now, I'm having to use the free wifi at McDonald's to post this. And their internet sucks, ;-).

I'm not sure I can even post any new capped pics, and frankly, I'm a bit weary of trying with all these families sitting around me, munching on happy meals.

Anyway, in the meantime, I'm working on completing the gift caps for the contest submitters. I'm working on a new Apple Pie, which I'm hoping will cover Dr. Psycho's request for a "taming a tomboy" cap, though the Apple Pie series is more 'taming a feminist'. :-)

I've also got some very boob-oriented picks picked out for Meisa's three caps, that should revisit a few old series. Backfired, for one.

Mackaie wants an embarrassment-oriented cap, and I have a few ideas for that too, but probably not a continuation/sequel.

And Femslut21 hasn't gotten back to me yet, so I'll wait before working on that prize caption too.

Besides the captions, I've also been working on finishing the Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 3. I'm well along, probably just a few scenes left. I'm rethinking part of the ending though, so that might add a bit more time to the whole process.

I have, however, gone back to an old story I never quite finished, as I was never fully satisfied with it. Upon rereading it though, I think it works better than I first thought. It didn't quite turn out as I had planned, and I think that's what made me unhappy with it. I'm basically finished with it now, and will probably have it up for sale before PSR3 is. It's a bimbofication/mind control story, largely inspired by my old cap series, Marvelous. (Chief Executive Bimbo ended up using a lot of ideas from the earlier drafts of this story, so there are some similarities, but hopefully enough differences to keep everyone happy.)

And once both of those stories are up and finished, I can finally get back to working on my commissioned story. Sorry everyone who has asked about commissioning stories from me; these past few months have been much more time-consuming than I had expected. I'm very much behind on everything, it feels like.

So, sorry again about this sudden hiatus, it wasn't intentional. Hopefully I'll be able to post several caps all at once in a few days, if my connection problems sort themselves out like hope. Thanks for being patient, everyone.

- B-Rex


  1. Oh, right! Backfired was one that I'd forgotten about. Awesome.

    Sorry you're having such huge tech troubles. I was hoping that your short pause just meant you were spending some time with family. Good luck as always, B-Rex. Your whole working pipeline sounds really exciting.

  2. Dreadfully sorry your having internet trouble and just before Christmas. Hope it is fixed soon (or like you say, just a data limit issue) for your sake

  3. Sorry to hear about the trouble! Hopefully it'll be resolved quickly! Fingers crossed for you!

  4. Awesome! I loved Marvelous, especially the idea of being forced to get those ridiculous implants, lips, and a humiliating name change to boot. All of that news sounds awesome (I mean, besides your internet being dumb and your schedule being hectic, I'm sorry about that and hope things improve soon), so count me in among the excited group of your fans.

  5. Good luck, and I look forward to your new Apple Pie cap.

  6. Hey, does anyone know the caption in which a woman is caught embezzling fund and must go to jail, however the geeky sorority come up with alternative to jail. This involves implanting a device into the woman's uterus. The device periodically releases capsules which fill up with water meaning that the woman has to give birth every two weeks.

    I tried to find it.... and well...obviously couldn't find it...

    1. You're thinking of the caption "About To Pop!" :)

  7. Ah, thank you. :D

    Well, it's official I'm an idiot....

    I just thought it was a different image though....I hate you brain....


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