Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stocking Stuffers 2: Critics

Well, I wasn't sure who to check in on next, but I dug around a bit and found an old art critic in need of an update. :-)

I spent forever trying to find a pic that fit the old series. I'm not entirely happy with the caption itself, but hopefully you'll like it. And I'm still not sure who to do next, but I've got a few ideas. Again, if you have any faves, let me know. :-)

I'm also going to post the cap-contest submissions in another few days, and pick a winner. I'm probably going to make everyone who participated a gift caption, so if you sent me a caption, get thinking about what sort of cap you want as a prize.

- B-Rex


  1. [Trying to come up with a comment that won't inspire readers of it to say, "Everybody's a critic!"]

  2. The first set of captions mentions she'll be there for only 6 months but she's been there or over thrice that.

    Not complaining or anything, I like the extended stay! Just making sure I didn't miss a post about her somewhere.

    1. Have no fear, you didn't miss anything. I just had to cut a few lines for space when making this cap, and cut out a paragraph detailing how the artist from the original series decided to extend her contract by a few years, after the success of her first exhibition. Without her actually signing it, of course. I just figured it was easier to leave the matter up to the reader's imagination, and save a bit of space. Otherwise, this cap would have to be about two hundred pixels wider.

      Good catch though, must mean you all are really reading these things, :-P

      - B-Rex


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