Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween Caption Contest Guidelines!

Happy Monday, everyone!

After a good bit of thought, I'm going to start a new caption contest, first in over a year. Took a while to find all the pics and make them ready for captioning. I tried to pick out some weirder images, just so maybe folks can come up with some more outlandish-than-usual captions.

The Theme: Halloween, obviously, with an emphasis on witches, curses, and general tricks. Could be someone getting cursed to have their costume become real, or a girl super-gluing a rival into an outlandish costume. Or even a witch's spell playing out over an entire group of party-goers, if you're in the mood for a series of caption submissions.

I've picked out a wide-ranging set of images, that should fit for any number of possible fetishes; mind-control, age-regression, breast-expansion, even some preggo, and petplay options. And a few good, old-fashioned sex/gang-bang images to round it out.

Just so long as your captions are Halloween-themed and people end up in humiliating circumstances, I'm good. ;-)

The Rules: Submit as many captioned pictures as you want, using the pics posted below. These can be standalone captions, or part of a series of captions, you can even do multiple-caps for a single image if you want. I'm easy.

If for some reason none of my pics really jumps out to you, feel free to tell me and I'll try to find a suitable pic for you to add to the already huge set of options. I'm not picky, just want to be sure the picture is something I can post on my blog (nothing underage or too gory, obviously, or too small and blurry).

Submission Deadline will be October 24th, the Monday-after-next, which gives you two full weeks to come up with captions and send them in to me.

Dimensions: I've set out the many, many picture options below. Feel free to alter the width of the caption area as you need to. Try not to make the caps wider than 1800 pixels, and I'd prefer the height to stay at 820 pixels, as these dimensions seem to look best on blogger. Anything bigger gets hard to read on the screen.

Font Size/Type: Font type is totally up to you, just try to keep it readable. Same for font size, I'd say stick with a font size above 10pt just for legibility. And try to keep the font a color appropriate to the text background color; the background is dark, use a white font color; if the background is light, use a darker color for the font.

The Pics:

Hopefully there is something here for everyone, that will jump out and inspire you.

The Prize: Once the submission deadline has been reached on the 24th, I'll post the submissions (hopefully I'll have a lot of them to submit) and will then pick out a winner.

The winner gets their choice of either a prize caption. or they can pick out/make a new logo for the blog, whichever sounds more fun to them.

Hope everyone is as excited by the new contest as I am, and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Golly, the hard part will be in deciding which one to caption.
    Who am I kidding? That's which one to caption first!
    Rex, would you like me to promote this contest beyond the usual visitorship for this site? I do, after all, have feeds on Tumblr where I could mention it.

    1. Oh, please do, Doc! Promote the contest as much and wherever you want. Thanks!

      Can't wait to see your submissions either. :-)

      - B-Rex

    2. What is your tumblr if you don't mind?

    3. I have, um, eight altogether (I got a bit carried away when I first discovered Tumblr, which is my favorite blogging venue these days). You can find links to all of them here:

    4. I was a little slow off themark, but here's my first:


  2. Wow, fantastic work on the morphs. You did a great job in terms of variety.


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