Friday, October 14, 2016

To The Max

Happy Friday, everybody!

Here's a fun little cap with a bit of a sci-fi angle, and plenty up top too. Let me know what you think!

Big thanks to everyone who has sent me caption submissions for the Halloween Contest, and especially a big thanks to Doctor Psycho for promoting the contest on his many Tumblr blogs.

And a reminder: the contest deadline is October 24th, so be sure to finish and email me your submissions by then. Email:

- B-Rex


  1. This is a great one. I loved how you came up for an explanation for needing to wear horrendously tight clothing constantly, and the ending is one of your classically awesome drive-it-home zingers.

  2. Poor Maxine... I don't even know if it's a good thing her mental faculties are intact while she's forced into bimbodom. The inevitable and drastic changes to a person might make them just lose their mind so it matches their body. :P

    Also, now I'm very intrigued about these futuristic maladies. "Tagger Virus", for one, would drive tattoo artists out of business... or maybe improve it with the costs to cover up those unwanted new inks ~.^

    1. Maybe I'm overthinking this, but is Maxine unaware she's babbling like a witless bimbo? Thinking she's doing her best to cope and retain the respect of her peers, without being able to notice what she sounds like?
      Now that would be really sadistic....

  3. Love it! What a delightful virus!

  4. Wonderful caption! Love how's she's forced to fight the virus by humiliating herself even further.

  5. The tight clothes being all that keep her from continuing to grow is such a wicked and fun idea, great work!

  6. Love it, a very fun premise of both the virus, and how she has to try and fight it!



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