Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Contest Submissions Part 1

Happy Halloween everyone!

I got a lot of submissions, so I'm splitting them up into two posts, today and tomorrow. Anon98 sent in a 16 caption story so that should really get it's own post, I figure.

Anyway, on to the submissions!

FFQ submitted these captions, using a different pic for the first cap that is from the same set as the contest photo:



Mistress Katana:

Doctor Psycho sent in several submissions (also available on his Tumblr blogs):


Leila Stoat:

And that's the contest submissions, aside from Anon98's big series I'll put up tomorrow. As always, please let everyone know what you think down in the comments, and any captions that really stand out for you.

As to the winners, I've already picked Anon98 as the grand prize winner, due to all the work he put into his big series and the way he managed to work in so many pictures into a coherent story.

As to the other captions, I enjoyed them all, but I have few favorites of the bunch. I really liked the mind-control/body-control of Namazuros' caption. And the henna-dye idea and generally fun revenge nature of Mistress Katana's first cap was great. Also FFQ's AssCan astronaut caption was very fun, almost a NWO-type story in the near future. And I liked Doc's Frank caption, a sort of transgender turns femdom twist.

However, because I haven't exactly been overwhelmed with contributors this time, I've decided to give everyone a prize caption (and I'll work out something else for Anon98. Maybe a few prize caps, instead of just one? Not sure yet) instead of just picking a single winner.

So, if everyone who sent in a caption will please either email me or post in the comments below your 3-key-words and what contest picture you want captioned for your prize, that would be great.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated, and made this contest a success. I hope everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves. I look forward to reading your comments.

- Berserkasaurus Rex


  1. Well, am I glad I got that cap done, at least. :P

    I did wish to make so many more captions during the extra week but... it just didn't work out. :( I'm do glad to see so many caps around, though. Great stuff! ^.^

    So, as for my pick... Picture #13; Mistress, Backfire, Addiction

  2. I really enjoyed the first two FFQ caps (the evil Frank, great ending to dog one), Namazuros, Doctor Pyscho's couples costume, the ghost and the great twist in space and Leila Stoat's.

  3. Didn't get the chance to read them until today, sorry. My favorites were the deep humiliation descriptions in FFQ's Pumpkin and Space stories, and in Namazuros's Bimbo submission. Great job everyone, sorry that I couldn't contribute on this batch.


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