Tuesday, July 10, 2018

As You Wish....

Apologies to everyone for my sudden disappearance, I'm in the midst of two big weddings in my immediate family and spent all last month helping get things ready. The second wedding is coming up this weekend, thankfully, so that should be the end of all the showers and all that.

I have been making new captions in the meantime, however, and will be posting more this week. And working on a few new ebooks, which I want to talk more about in a bit.

But first, today's captions. I started writing a new ebook a few months ago about a genie and bad wishing. These captions are just the first opening chapter and a few pictures that inspired me. The full story is over 6,000 words long so far, so this is just a teaser of sorts.

The rest of the story moves involves wish twisting, breast enlargement, and all those other sorts of things I enjoy writing about. I'm hoping to finish it soon.

Also on the topic of ebooks, I was recently emailing writer Holly Sharp (http://www.tgstorytime.com/viewuser.php?uid=2981), whose stories were a major inspiration for my old The Black Widow Club transgender captions, by the way.

Our conversation inspired me to compile some of my favorite captions together in a new ebook, along with some unpublished texts that I never found a suitable picture for. Right now this is about 12,000 words long, but might end up longer or shorter once I finish editing it.

I'm a bit worried people would be annoyed if my next ebook turns out to just be a collection of mostly previously-posted captions, so I wanted to let you all know and get some feedback from you. I've read books that are just collections of vignettes (which are exactly what my captions are, tiny scenes or one act stories), but I've never tried publishing anything like flash fiction before.

So please, let me know what you think of the idea, if you hate it or not. I'm so out of practice with formatting for Amazon/Smashwords, that I sort of need to publish something just to remind myself how to publish ebooks again.

- B-Rex


  1. These are a very slow start caption-wise, but as you said they're actually the lead-in for an ebook, so in that perspective it works quite well. I do love your flair for twists, so I will certainly check this out on Amazon when it's ready.

    On the subject of making a compilation book, I think simply giving notice here on this blog about it being that is all you need to worry about doing. If anyone reads that heads-up here and still buys it, then that was their choice and it's silly to complain later. For anyone who's familiar with your books but not this blog, all the stories would probably be new to them, and so again there doesn't seem to be a problem.

    I find short-story collections to be perfectly fine. Read plenty of those sorts of books as a child, and I didn't enjoy those stories any less simply because they were shorter. I say go for it if it's a good way to bundle up a mass of your work that you couldn't find another fitting form for.

  2. Wish gone wrong are the best kind of captions. Can't wait to read the full story !

  3. I think a collection of you work would be fine. As long as people know what it is it would be a good way to catch up.

  4. As I believe I usually say, it's always a pleasure to see an update from you. And this caption series has quite a good start... I do like the contempt the Djinn has for humanity due to her previous experiences, it really sells the point that she WOULD make the wishes go as bad as possible on purpose.

    And I am very okay for a compilation book with new material, as well. As long as the customer knows what they're getting, it'd be swell, and maybe an eBook would be a good format for your captions.

    Best of luck! ^.^

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