Sunday, August 19, 2012

Worst Nightmare

Things are speeding up in the Sorority Prank War! In this installment, the newest GEK girls, Beth and Donna, accidentally prank another EZ girl, Tabitha is missing, and the entire GEK Sorority House feels the Mayor's wrath! We're moving rapidly towards the Grand Finale!

The caps are after the break, enjoy! :-))


  1. Yeesh That's stepping it up a notch or three :)

    Fun stuff!


  2. Poor Gail -- maybe she can persuade the nice people at the day care center to reassign her from diaper changer to wet nurse. A few days with a breast pump should have her lactating freely, and even faster with a little chemical assistance from some friendly physician.
    It would be interesting to find out which duty she prefers....

    1. Hmm...I was actually planning for Tabitha to do her community service as a milk maid at a Renaissance Festival,since she is lactating now. She'd have to allow hands-on demonstrations, presumable with her own breasts, since the festival insurance company won't allow them to use real dairy cows. But I do have the perfect picture for her as a wet nurse...

      My next episode in the ongoing Prank War is going to be a series of caps showing the Geeks doing their community service. Tabitha as a wet nurse would really round out the series nicely.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. "[T]he festival insurance company won't allow them to use real dairy cows."

      Oh, delightful idea!

      You have, I am sure, seen those PETA posters / public performances in which women are put in the place of domestic animals. Wouldn't it be fun to invite someone to volunteer to take the place of a milk cow, thinking it was only a symbolic performance for a few hours one afternoon, and then . . . ?

    3. I'd actually had an idea somewhat along those lines for quite some time now, since the first time I saw those PETA protest adds. I even have several pictures of women wearing bodypaint made up to look like various animals, I've just never managed to sit down and make a caption for them.

      Like most of my ideas, really; I procrastinate too much :-)

  3. this is awesome stuck up snooty girl going all punk!


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